3 Technologies Every Modern Sales Rep Needs: Part 2

Last week, we kicked off our series on the digitally enabled sales rep. Now, we’re discussing three key technologies sales reps must use in today’s selling environment. These technologies – predictive analytics, digital content, and social selling – are real game changers if used correctly.

Predictive analytics

This term is a major buzzword these days, and for good reason. This basic application of predictive modeling is driving significant return on investment for companies. However, predictive analytics can inform much more than just who to spend your time on as a sales person. It can also dictate what you send prospects, when & how you engage them, and provide context around why for sales people. Predictive analytics can go beyond lead scoring for prioritizing prospects – it can be applied across the entire customer lifecycle. These applications provide huge potential for sales leaders as they drive performance. Most organizations are just scratching the surface.

Digital content

Content is the new currency for sales and, if used well, it can be a real differentiator for a sales person. Leveraging digital content allows a sales rep to position themselves as thought leaders and trusted advisors. However, traditional sales reps are not wired to operate this way and many are challenged with this form of engagement, leaving significant opportunity on the table. Figuring out which content to share, at what time, through what channel is not an easy puzzle to solve. Today’s reps need more prescription in this area to help them spend more time selling.

Social selling

Social selling is one of the most over-hyped terms in sales today. Most of the hype focuses on skills required to “sell socially”. However, the more difficult challenge is choosing the appropriate channel, including social media, to reach the prospect. Reps who are able to take advantage of these new channels (beyond just phone and email, including Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook) are able to convert many more prospects into customers, influence opportunities, AND build stronger relationships with those customers. The right channel at the right time is part of the secret sauce to effective social selling.

These three technologies, applied correctly and efficiently, can have a massive impact on a rep’s pipeline. In fact, we have found that by using all three of these technologies, sales teams are doubling and even tripling their pipelines!

More to come. Stay tuned to learn about how to apply these technologies to increase productivity and sales effectiveness!

In the meantime, check out our sales acceleration whitepaper with Demand Gen Report to learn how to leverage these technologies today. Continue reading with part 3!