Tim Furey

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Tim Furey is the Founder and CEO of MarketBridge. Under his leadership, MarketBridge has become the leading provider of technology-enabled B2B marketing and sales performance improvement products and solutions. Mr. Furey led the transformative expansion of MarketBridge from thought-leading, multi-channel consulting firm to a leading provider of end-to-end digital marketing and sales enablement solutions. MarketBridge clients include leading firms in industries such as software (Microsoft, SAP, salesforce.com), hardware (HP, Dell, NetApp), communications (British Telecom, Verizon, Avaya), financial services (Mastercard, HSBC, American Express), and health care (GE, Merck, Humana).

Tim is the author of The Channel Advantage, the definitive guide examining channel strategy and management, a business book best-seller in 2000. Prior to founding MarketBridge, Tim worked with Boston Consulting Group, Mercer Management Consulting, Kaiser Associates and the Marketing Science Institute. Currently, Tim serves on the Board of Directors of Skyworks Solutions (Nasdaq:SWKS), a leading semiconductor manufacturer of wireless telephony applications. Tim earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics, cum laude, from Harvard University and a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

Tim’s Posts

Acquisition vs. Cross-Sell Economics: The No Brainer Investment Decision

Subject: Cross-Selling

Why is it that so many companies these days are over investing in customer acquisition? Don’t get me wrong, acquiring new customers is critical to any business’ growth, but we all know that customer acquisition costs (CAC) can be extraordinarily high. Studies show that attracting …

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Why Your Sales Game Is Lacking & How to Play Ball

Subject: Uncategorized

It’s no “breaking news” that many of your buyers are online. And by now, I’m sure you are too – between marketing automation, social media and more, we all are digitally invested. Despite the digital migration of your buyers and internal business teams, there is …

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Riddle me this: How many apps does it take to make a Sales rep productive?

Subject: Uncategorized

We were working with a client recently that had over 10,000 global field and inside sales reps. We were amused, but not surprised, when we discovered there were over 10+ different software and customer intelligence tools available to a sales rep to “drive productivity.” Of …

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MSFT + LNKD: Welcome to the New World of Sales Enablement

Subject: Sales Coverage

Here at MarketBridge, we had collective smiles on our faces when we heard the news. We have been predicting and investing against this scenario for over two years and it’s great to see the big players validate our strategy. Ok, so we didn’t exactly predict …

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