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So, You Think You Need a New Lead Scoring Model?

Often characterized by its blend of big data with predictive analytics, lead scoring has quickly emerged as a prevalent solution aimed to support demand generation and sales by identifying the right prospects to prioritize outreach. Over the past few years, investment in lead scoring solutions have increased exponentially as many companies have shifted resources to […]

Cross-Selling: A Gold-Mine for Incremental Revenue

We work with multiple clients and over and over have come to understand the importance in cross-selling and how it impacts bottom line. The facts are simple – from advertising, educating prospects and all the steps needed to nurture a new lead to the point of trust – new customer acquisition is costly. Acquisition is […]

From Marketing to Sales: Why Data is Glue

We recently worked with a client in which their marketing-to-sales hand-off process was far from perfect. In fact, many of their marketing investments were going straight to the trash bin. First, sales believed marketing’s leads were unqualified and as a result, they did not proactively follow-up on MQLS. Second, with incomplete or low information, sales […]

Blow the Doors Off of Inside Sales Performance in 2016

Inside sales is becoming a preferred channel for organizations to drive sales conversations and pipeline growth. It offers major efficiencies over traditional direct sales models, including the ability to specialize sales reps on certain activities and areas of the funnel, and provides major scale in increasing the volume and improving the conversion of deals. Sales […]