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5 Essential Signals Across the Customer Lifecycle That Every Company Needs (Part 1)

Predictive customer analytics are becoming a must-have for every enterprise sales and marketing organization. Using “big data” to target the right prospects, with the right message, at the right time and place is critical for success. But too often companies settle for a convenient “point solution,” such as lead scoring, that fails to extend predictive […]

Uncovering Your Hidden Revenue Opportunities

If you are a sales or marketing leader, you likely have two feelings right now… First, you probably feel pretty confident in the opportunity and revenues that are visible to you. Whether it is expected yield from existing campaigns or current forecasted pipelines, there have never been more tools, processes, or information on the opportunities […]

4 Must-Have Marketing Automation Features for Massive ROI

Marketers are reaping the benefits of scaling marketing automation to their businesses. What’s not to love about a class of technology that can automate and measure your program’s success for you in real-time? For those rookies who have not tapped into the benefits of marketing automation, you could be striking out of increasing your organization’s […]

Reduce Sales Rep Research to Boost Pipeline: Part 3

The digitally powered sales rep has never had more data and information on their prospects than they do today. With the social web, internet research, just-in-time financial data, buyer intent data, and other available sources, reps can profile their territory like never before. However, most reps lack the ability to navigate these data and the […]