Understand key decisions-makers and their processes to engage buyers with the right information, at the right time, with the right call to action.

In-Depth Findings Review: Next-Generation Distribution Enablement

Based on surveys with 35+ asset management firms (including a number of SME Forum members), and over 100 financial advisors, Bill Sheldon, SVP leading MarketBridge’s Financial Services practice, shares research and insights on how changing market dynamics are evolving sales, marketing, and distribution effectiveness. Most importantly, the research identifies what asset managers must do to transition to next-generation distribution—or risk falling further behind.

3 “Must-Have” Foundational Marketing Assets for Success

Common Challenges of Rushing to Market Businesses and product teams are often eager and quick to ‘get to market’ with their latest solutions and marketing campaigns. With competition looming and customers yearning for the latest and greatest, we get the haste. Yet, while speed-to-market is critical, skipping the creation of foundational marketing assets—like defining your […]

Asset Management Outlook: Next-Generation Distribution Enablement

We analyzed 35+ firms across a mix of firm sizes/AUM and distribution channels, and surveyed over 100 financial advisors on their relationships with AMs. Download the report for what asset managers are innovating and prioritizing to transform distribution enablement.

2021 Group Benefits: Shifting the Mindset from Products to Solutions

In Part 3, our team shares why Brokers and Providers are bundling coverages, the innovation potential for group benefits leaders that are transitioning from products to solutions, and 5 steps to building a customer-centric solutions strategy.

2021 Group Benefits: Personalizing the Benefits Experience Via Employee Segmentation

In Part 2, our team shares how the pandemic has altered employee engagement in the benefits enrollment process, what employers and employees need from carriers/brokers during this accelerated transition, and what this means for…

Prioritizing and Penetrating New Growth Pathways

Creating highly systematic and repeatable growth pathways to new revenue is difficult. Download our framework for a 3-step approach to successfully paving new growth pathways and get a checklist of 5 to-do’s.

The Cookie-pocalypse: Understanding the Implications for Digital Marketing and Customer Experience

How is your company preparing for the coming cookie-pocalypse? The end of third-party cookies will fundamentally change digital marketing strategies across industries and have major implications for delivering a great customer experience…

9 Requirements for Effective Cross-Selling in High Tech

The impact of digital transformation on the Technology sector is staggering. Billion-dollar technology incumbents, hyper-growth emerging stars, and new start-ups alike are not only developing and supplying the catalysts of digital transformation to their customers across all industries, but they also face the need to adapt themselves to continually accelerate revenue growth. Emerging trends like […]

The Power of Personas

I’ve always been intrigued by the ability of an effective coach to enhance the skills of a highly successful athlete. How do you motivate a decorated veteran like Serena Williams to compete at Wimbledon? How does Michael Phelps’ coach inspire him to break yet another Olympic record? Successful coaching requires understanding the goals, needs and […]

Persona Mapping Tools and Techniques

Most businesses think they know their customers, but the reality ends up surprising them. Persona mapping is the process of identifying who your clients are and how they make decisions and applying this information to the development of more effective marketing strategies. While very few businesses have purely one type of customer, identifying traits that […]