Executing Customer Retention in Times of Disruption

We are living through an era of ‘what’s old is new’ as it relates to retention. While executives have always understood the value of keeping loyal customers, massive market transformations have raised the stakes and forced what often was a behind the scenes ‘autopilot’ type of effort to a critical front and center strategy. Retention efforts without customer data and insights fly blind, and the best data and insights are useless if not linked to prescriptive retention execution plays…

Reboot Customer Retention: Using Data to Idle Defection Risk

Leaders must rigorously measure and track customer experience to predict which customers will defect. Watch the on-demand webinar as we cover how to reboot your customer retention with the specific data points needed to predict at-risk buyers.

Reboot Your Buyer Experience: Aligning to Your Customers’ New Journey

As the markets re-emerge, go-to-market strategies must be altered to ensure you are delivering your most compelling message at the right time to the right buyer through the right channel. Watch our on-demand webinar that covers 5 steps to reboot your buyer experience for greater ROI, faster sales cycles, and better CX overall.

Mapping Buyer Journeys for Optimal Engagement and GTM Performance

CMOs and CROs face an increasingly complex environment to engage new buyers across a surplus of digital channels and shorter attention spans. Download the step-by-step framework to mapping buyer journeys and a case study showing how we put our methodology into practice.

Establishing a Customer Success Function Primed for Value Creation: Three Go-dos to Avoid Common Pitfalls in Tech

The biggest issue we see technology companies making today is using the investments in the CS role to define their CX strategy as opposed to defining their CX strategy and using the CS role as a critical enabler to that strategy. There are three very specific fail points when this occurs…

Driving Revenue Success Through Customer Experience Enablement

To identify which Customer Experience strategies are driving revenue success for Insurance businesses, we analyzed real customer conversations, competitors, and client insights to uncover strategies we see the most successful companies adopting. Download the report for 4 mandates to build the most effective CX-oriented organization.

Winning in The Platform-as-a-Channel Ecosystem

Download this guide as we help senior executives understand and strategize a plan for success around this new platform-as-a-channel ecosystem.

Building A Customer Experience Driven Culture for Revenue Success

Customer Experience (CX) has now become a central differentiator for the most successful tech companies. Watch the on-demand webinar as we cover four mandates from our report “Building A Customer Experience Driven Culture for Revenue Success.”

Activating a Persona-Based Messaging Architecture

CMOs and product marketers face an increasingly high hurdle to engage personally with their prospective buyers. Download the framework for a 10 step checklist to creating actionable personas for incremental revenue growth.

An Ethnographic Approach to Drive Customer Loyalty

We’ve identified a 6-step approach to improve the customer experience, ultimately helping you drive customer loyalty. Download the framework to learn about our 6-step ethnographical approach to improving the customer experience, and get our checklist for the 9 to-do’s to ensure research success.