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In-Depth Findings Review: Next-Generation Distribution Enablement

Based on surveys with 35+ asset management firms (including a number of SME Forum members), and over 100 financial advisors, Bill Sheldon, SVP leading MarketBridge’s Financial Services practice, shares research and insights on how changing market dynamics are evolving sales, marketing, and distribution effectiveness. Most importantly, the research identifies what asset managers must do to transition to next-generation distribution—or risk falling further behind.

Asset Management Outlook: Next-Generation Distribution Enablement

We analyzed 35+ firms across a mix of firm sizes/AUM and distribution channels, and surveyed over 100 financial advisors on their relationships with AMs. Download the report for what asset managers are innovating and prioritizing to transform distribution enablement.

3 Steps to Using Data to Idle Defection Risk and Improve CX

Your success relies on how you manage your leaky retention bucket. Download the framework for 8 go-do’s to idle defection risk and improve your CX.

Prioritizing and Penetrating New Growth Pathways

Creating highly systematic and repeatable growth pathways to new revenue is difficult. Download our framework for a 3-step approach to successfully paving new growth pathways and get a checklist of 5 to-do’s.

Reboot Customer Retention: Using Data to Idle Defection Risk

Most companies can expect the inevitable, 10-20% YoY attrition of existing buyers. But under pandemic circumstances, businesses can’t risk any additional loss furthermore making “the customer experience” an important area of scrutiny. Join us on Thursday, June 11th at 3:00 PM ET as we cover the specific data points needed to predict at-risk-buyers and improve CX.

Reboot Customer Cross-Sell: How to Capitalize on High Yield Opportunities Now

As companies bounce back from lockdowns, sales and customer experience teams need to focus their resources on high yield revenue opportunities for an aggressive restart. It’s a no brainer for organizations like these to focus on existing customers – today’s installed customer base drives at least 80% of tomorrow’s revenues. Join us on Thursday, May 28th at 3:00 PM ET as we cover the specific datapoints needed to predict a buyer’s growth potential AND how to drive scalable cross-sell programs for your front-line teams.