Align customers, products, and internal commercial teams with well-designed and operated channels for maximized revenue opportunity and increased efficiency.

Activating Competitive Response to Fintech Disruption

Fintech entrants are changing the customer value equation and causing a major impact on consumers’ behavior. Access our on-demand webinar to learn how to capitalize on 4 incumbent advantages and activate a competitive response to fintech disruption.

Reboot Customer Cross-Sell: How to Capitalize on High Yield Opportunities Now

As companies bounce back from lockdowns, sales and customer experience teams need to focus their resources on high yield revenue opportunities for an aggressive restart. Watch our on-demand webinar as we cover how to reboot customer cross-sell including the data points needed to predict buyer growth potential.

Reboot Your Buyer Experience: Aligning to Your Customers’ New Journey

As the markets re-emerge, go-to-market strategies must be altered to ensure you are delivering your most compelling message at the right time to the right buyer through the right channel. Watch our on-demand webinar that covers 5 steps to reboot your buyer experience for greater ROI, faster sales cycles, and better CX overall.

Winning in The Platform-as-a-Channel Ecosystem

Download this guide as we help senior executives understand and strategize a plan for success around this new platform-as-a-channel ecosystem.

Designing a Best of Breed Partner Program

With over 25+ years executing best-in-class partner programs, we know a well-designed partner program can set the stage for success. Download the framework for a comprehensive look at all components and three “Quick Start” areas for partner success.

5 Actions for Success in the XaaS Subscription Economy

Never before have Tech enterprises experienced such a massive transition—from on-prem to cloud, and from one-time transactions to recurring, subscription revenue models. In the on-demand webinar “5 Actions for Success in the XaaS Subscription Economy,” we surface the top go-to-market issues you must navigate.

Building an Agile Sales Enablement Program Roadmap

Our core building blocks of best-in-class sales enablement programs are essential starting points for planning. Download the framework for 4 key steps to formalize and actualize an agile sales enablement roadmap.

Overcoming 3 Barriers to Create a Data-Driven Sales Culture​

We’ve seen three common barriers that impede the successful adoption of data-driven insights by your sales channels. Download the framework for 10 go-do’s to break through these adoption barriers and drive revenue growth.

The Last Mile Opportunity Whitepaper

Digital disruptors are winning by reducing friction, driving customer loyalty, and cross-selling. Download the whitepaper to learn how traditional industry players can fight back.