Webinar: 3 Priorities for Marketers to Win in the Subscription Economy

Watch our 30-minute on-demand webinar as our analysts review how top technology firms are rethinking traditional marketing tactics in the Subscription Economy during this massive transition.

Riddle me this: How many apps does it take to make a Sales rep productive?

We were working with a client recently that had over 10,000 global field and inside sales reps. We were amused, but not surprised, when we discovered there were over 10+ different software and customer intelligence tools available to a sales rep to “drive productivity.” Of course, any good sales rep knows that the fastest way […]

Marketing Technology Trends for 2016

I came across a great article from Rohit Roy and the MarTech team today that looked at recent results from a survey completed by Spear Marketing Group in September 2015. The survey focused on shifts in importance of specific marketing technologies. Here are some of the great data points, from Rohit and Spear Marketing, on […]

4 Must-Have Marketing Automation Features for Massive ROI

Marketers are reaping the benefits of scaling marketing automation to their businesses. What’s not to love about a class of technology that can automate and measure your program’s success for you in real-time? For those rookies who have not tapped into the benefits of marketing automation, you could be striking out of increasing your organization’s […]

3 Technologies Every Modern Sales Rep Needs: Part 2

Last week, we kicked off our series on the digitally enabled sales rep. Now, we’re discussing three key technologies sales reps must use in today’s selling environment. These technologies – predictive analytics, digital content, and social selling – are real game changers if used correctly. Predictive analytics This term is a major buzzword these days, […]

Has Your Pipeline Caught Up With The Transformation To The Cloud?

If your company is like most tech companies out there, your business has gone through or is going through a fundamental business transformation. The technology sector used to consist of two categories: hardware and software manufacturers. Then came the move to acquire services firms with the goal of increasing revenues, adding higher margins and providing […]

How Facebook’s Algorithm Change is Making Our Lives Harder (And What to Do About It)

Social Media Marketing via Facebook, for most brands, started out like that perfect pair of shoes: comfortable, you know you’ll get noticed when you slip them on in the morning, and best of all, they were given to you as a gift so they didn’t cost you a penny. Last night I gleefully rediscovered my […]

3 Useful Tips We Learned at Oracle MME

Last week, MarketBridge partner Eloqua hosted a little event you may have heard of – Oracle Modern Marketing Experience. We joined throngs of marketers and Oracle Marketing Cloud users in Las Vegas who were eager to return home with tips to impact or even transform their departments. As passionate modern marketers, we were of course […]

How Marketing Automation Can Help You Better Engage with Customers

As a seasoned marketer, one of your daily challenges likely involves better understanding your customers. You know it has never been more crucial to do so, because the only way you can generate demand for your products or services is if you truly offer the value your customers are looking for by solving for THEIR […]

Uses for Marketing Automation, Aside from Lead Nurturing & Scoring

Let’s do a little exercise. Scenario 1: You receive an invitation to join a loyalty program at Store A, where you have shopped once or twice before. You are notified that you get 10% off of your purchase if you join the rewards program, therefore you sign-up. You leave and don’t hear back from the […]