AEP Digital Listening Bulletin #1

Welcome to week one of our Fall 2019 AEP Digital Listening Bulletin. In this bi-weekly e-mail, we’ll take a look at the trends, conversations, and themes that we are seeing dominate the Annual Enrollment Period discussion as carriers, brokers, agents and enrollees go through this annual process.

Open Enrollment Digital Listening Bulletin #1

Welcome to week one of our Fall 2019 Group Benefits Open Enrollment Digital Listening Bulletin. In this bi-weekly newsletter, we’ll take a look at the trends, conversations, and themes that we are seeing dominate the group benefits discussion as many carriers, brokers, heads of HR, and employees go through open enrollment season.

What Exactly is Digital Sales Transformation?

As of 2020, “digital transformation” is a hot topic in corporate America.  But “digital transformation” of a salesforce – actual people – is almost an oxymoron. Yes, we can provide sales reps with more software tools but essentially, they are still managing human-to-human interactions to communicate, educate and sell products. Here are the 5 Pillars of Digital Sales Transformation (DST).

FinServ: A Look Back at the Top 5 of 2018

Looking back at the top 5 blogs of 2018 validates our observation that there is still a significant amount of friction in the Go-to-Market models in the Financial Services industry today.  Incumbent FI’s must become much more agile at identifying those friction points, and leveraging a combination of data and insight, analytics, content and technology […]

Tech: A Look Back at the Top 5 of 2018

Change seems to be afoot for 2019 already!  Whether it’s the start of a new fiscal or just the time of year that prompts creative, out-of-the-box thinking on meeting strategic objectives, most of our Tech clients are showing a strong appetite to do something different to meet this year’s performance objectives. Sales and marketing decision […]

2019: Eliminating Go-to-Market Friction in FinServ

I had the opportunity over the Holidays to reflect a bit on our Financial Services client experience over the past year, and to think ahead to some of the key industry Go-to-Market challenges we see for 2019. I went through our blogs for 2018 to see which were the most popular and looked for themes […]

AWS Goes After Data Center Providers. How to Fight Back

At the AWS re:Invent conference a few weeks ago, AWS CEO Andrew Jassy made a major announcement outside the norm for the public cloud behemoth.  Jassy said AWS would begin taking on traditional data center hardware vendors with its on-premises service AWS Outposts.  One response called this AWS’s “boldest effort yet” to challenge legacy data […]

Growth Planning: A Three-Part Model for 2019 and Beyond

“Where will our growth come from over the next three years?” Every strategic planning cycle should start with some variant on that question. What sounds simple is in fact one of the most complex and fraught decision executives have to make, year after year. In this case, we’re leaving the product side out of the […]

Why (and How) PE Firms Focus on the “Last Mile” of Sales & Marketing

Private equity firms have changed the competitive landscape of every industry.  From funding private companies with disruptive technologies (e.g. Uber) to taking legacy public companies private (e.g. Dun & Bradstreet), PE-backed competitors focus on creating breakthrough go-to-market strategies….quickly. But do PE-backed leadership teams view Sales & Marketing any different than traditional firms?  The short answer: […]

The “Climate Change” of B2B Payments

A recent Gallup Poll showed that while a majority of Americans believe in man-made climate change, it is only a minority that believe they will personally be affected. While there are significant variations along political lines, an average assessment found that only about 45% of people had any concern that they would personally be impacted […]