Winning in the Coming B2B Payments Revolution: How Financial Institutions Can Avoid Disintermediation

The SMB B2B Payments market is heating up as the digital revolution continues to ripple through the Financial Services marketplace. The B2B payments market for the Small and Midsize Business segment (up to $1B in revenue) is expected to grow to $9.06 Tr by 2020 – a CAGR of 4.2% from its 2014 base of […]

How Microsoft Just Added Fuel to its LinkedIn Fire to Take Down

It may be too late to declare “let the battle begin!” between Microsoft and to own the hearts and minds of sellers and marketers across the globe, but the rivalry may have just quietly entered a new and epic Clash of the Titans phase. What Microsoft Just Did Last month, Microsoft unveiled a critical […]

Big Data’s Big Problem

There’s a common myth inside the discussion about the earth’s natural resources, namely that we run the risk of exhausting them. But a simple research of the matter quickly dispels this. We do not run the risk of “running out,” of our resources, but instead face the dilemma of not being able to extract them. […]

The Promise of the Marketing Data Platform

A relational data warehouse built with standardized schemas, loosely coupled to source systems, and extended to meet a company’s unique requirements.

The Last Mile Problem: 7 Steps to Closing the Insights-to-Outcomes Gap

Changing front-line behaviors with data-driven insights will be critical to realizing the benefits from your investments in analytics.  It’s harder than you think! Perhaps you are one of those companies in the CMO Survey that is planning a 218% increase in analytics spend over the next three years, or perhaps you are part of the […]

Help Wanted: IoT Roadmaps Needed!

The old adage “You can’t get there from here” is an expression that suggests a destination can’t be reached without extensive, complicated directions. Now imagine how much more frustrating it would be for the person seeking directions if they didn’t even know where “here” was, let alone “there.” In recent intelligence work that we completed […]

Thoughts on the Microsoft-SAP-Adobe Open Data Alliance

This week, Microsoft, SAP, and Adobe (I’ll call it the MAS alliance moving forward) announced an “Open Data Initiative” or ODI. The general consensus is that this is a competitive response to the increasing domination of in the CRM and marketing technology space, whose PEPM (per employee, per month) SaaS (software-as-a-service) CRM platform has […]

Building Data Intuition for Marketers

The more I interact with seemingly sophisticated companies who fat finger their attempts at personalization, the more I appreciate the efforts of companies who really get me. You would think I’m referring to the independent corner coffee shops, but it’s when a behemoth enterprise somehow manages to establish a relationship with me that I’m truly impressed. […]

Six Early Go-to-Market Trends and Tips for 2019

With 2019 just a few months away, it’s time to talk about a few clear trends that will have substantial impact on how leading firms go-to-market in 2019. For 25 years, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with top brands and senior executives to identify and capitalize on key go-to-market trends. This year has proven […]

Ask Three Questions to Ensure Your 2019 Go-to-Market Strategy is a Success

It’s almost Fall – back from the beach, leaves are changing, and starting in October, it’s 2019 strategic planning season. As we have written in previous blogs, the discipline of go-to-market strategy development and execution is changing rapidly. The traditional exercises of branding, messaging, new product launch, channel strategies, and setting financial targets remain. But […]