Cold Calling is Far From Dead

Type “cold calling is dead” into a basic Google search and you receive over 50,000,000 search results. Many of which are provocative thought pieces around the shift in buying behavior and how technology has made the cold call obsolete. I agree that cold calling has forever changed, but it certainly is NOT dead. Even in […]

Part 7 – Lead Scoring is the Key to Sales Productivity

The core element in creating marketing and sales connectivity is the effectiveness of the lead management and lead qualification processes. Organizations cannot establish trust between marketing and sales if the lead hand off process is broken or ineffective. Marketing must have the ability to qualify leads before passing them to sales in order for the […]

Why Isn’t Sales Following Up On Our Leads?

A little over a year ago I was asked to assess the lead generation-to-close process of a large, global enterprise company. Marketing told me that despite their best efforts, with marketing automation the company revenues were not growing as projected. But that was not all. According to Marketing, there had been little-to-no follow up on […]