Up-sell and drive loyalty

Small Business = Big Money

US-based local businesses comprise the world’s third-largest economy, trailing only the USA overall and China A consensus estimate is that the annual nominal gross domestic output of the United States is just north of $17 trillion (and about the same size as the 28-country European Union.) Silver medalist China’s nominal GDP is just north of […]

Telco: Opportunity Exists in SMB; How Do You Capitalize?

According to Yelp, roughly 85% of American small businesses expect their revenues to grow in 2016. Year over year, small businesses are growing and need a network of technology and services to maintain growth and scale. In fact, research from BCGS suggests that the SMB market may potentially be worth $22bn to UK and US […]

Strategies to Engage the SMB Segment

If your target customers are primarily small to medium-sized businesses in the 2-49 employee space, you’re probably struggling to reach (and nurture) your target market. It’s often said that small- and medium-businesses—SMBs or SMEs for short—have nothing in common, other than that they’re totally different. This isn’t totally true, though. Across industries, SMBs, particularly in the 2-49 employee segment, have a […]