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How to Navigate Sharp Changes in Consumer Behavior Using Data – Big and Small

The essential ways we live and work have changed virtually overnight. As a result, companies are monitoring and assessing what consumers are doing at heightened new levels. Here is how integrating big data and small data insights lead to top-line growth…

Multi-touch Attribution & Measuring Your Marketing Halo

ROI-tunnel vision has led companies to focus their efforts on channels that are more easily measured, while channels with harder-to-measure success dwindle. Download the framework for all the details on running a multichannel marketing halo analysis and get our checklist of 9 to-do’s..

5 Emerging Growth Strategies to Win in the Subscription Economy

To identify which emerging growth strategies will move the needle, we’ve distilled 1,000s of data points into critical go-to-market insights. Download the report for 5 emerging strategies to future-proof your growth, tactical next steps for sales, marketing, and channel leaders, and proof points on trends and actions of top Tech leaders.

Measuring Return on Analytics

The Challenge: What Value Does Data Science Drive? First of all, a note on scope and audience: this article has to do with marketing analytics/data science (I use the terms interchangeably), and is written as such. While these concepts should absolutely be useful for executives in other areas (biotech, manufacturing, operations, etc.), all of the […]

Marketing Analytics Family Tree

To explain what marketing analytics is we’ve created a “family tree” that breaks the field down from high-level to more detailed. Download the high-resolution, printable version of the Marketing Analytics Family Tree.

What About Small Data? Part 2

Getting Back to Growth by Playing Small Ball The ADBUDG curve is a 40-year old handy heuristic for modeling marketing spend vs. return. It was first used for broad-reach advertising. The concept is pretty simple: The curve starts out flat, as dollars are invested to get breakthrough with a group of consumers Then, the curve […]

10 Step Checklist for Creating Actionable Segmentations and Personas

For all of the talk around one-to-one marketing, human beings still need frameworks to understand their world, and marketers are no exception. The word “segmentation” might be ubiquitous among marketers, but it’s difficult to find two people who can agree on what segmentation really means and how they become actionable segmentations. That being said, sales […]

What About Small Data? Part 1

Big data remains all the rage. After exploding onto the scene in roughly 2012, with the popularization of the Hadoop framework, the big data lens still dominates the “LinkedIn press.” This myopia is certainly not without its merits; machine-generated data contain vast amounts of signals just waiting to be extracted and put to use. Indeed, […]

5 CEO Principles for Developing an Applied Analytics Strategy

Image: Hunter Haley As both topics of AI and Facebook data usage gain greater attention from the media, customers, investors, and regulators, it’s time for CEOs to get deeply engaged in an Applied Analytics Strategy. So what is an Applied Analytics Strategy? Applied analytics is about the strategic use of data for decisions within a […]

Small Business = Big Money

US-based local businesses comprise the world’s third-largest economy, trailing only the USA overall and China A consensus estimate is that the annual nominal gross domestic output of the United States is just north of $17 trillion (and about the same size as the 28-country European Union.) Silver medalist China’s nominal GDP is just north of […]