How to Build a Product-Centric Data Science Organization

Realistically, most data science is heads-down, unpredictable activity. Typically, a data scientist is given an objective, such as “tell me the part-worth of TV in my advertising mix”, or “come up with a classifier to put a lead into the correct segment,” and has to figure out how to solve the problem with a vast […]

What About Small Data? Part 1

Big data remains all the rage. After exploding onto the scene in roughly 2012, with the popularization of the Hadoop framework, the big data lens still dominates the “LinkedIn press.” This myopia is certainly not without its merits; machine-generated data contain vast amounts of signals just waiting to be extracted and put to use. Indeed, […]

Coming Full Circle: Bringing Art Back to Marketing Science

Yesterday was my first day (back) on the job at MarketBridge leading marketing analytics. I’ve been gone for nine years, and it is truly great to be back at this special organization. This return to my roots, with person after person telling me “welcome home,” brought on a wave of nostalgia, and caused me to […]

Why MarketBridge Hired a Chief Analytics Officer

Ok, forget the lofty title. The last thing most companies need is another new C-level position. Nevertheless, every company from a Fortune 500 titan to a 20-person law firm needs the equivalent of CAO. Why? And what is the role of a Chief Analytics Officer? Here is the unspoken fact: the data analytics “knowledge gap” […]

5 CEO Principles for Developing an Applied Analytics Strategy

Image: Hunter Haley As both topics of AI and Facebook data usage gain greater attention from the media, customers, investors, and regulators, it’s time for CEOs to get deeply engaged in an Applied Analytics Strategy. So what is an Applied Analytics Strategy? Applied analytics is about the strategic use of data for decisions within a […]

AI Will Eat Millions of B2B Sales & Marketing Spend

Get ready for the disruptive change coming to Sales & Marketing budgets… Most B2B revenue funnels are built under the assumption that 99% of sales and marketing efforts are wasted on leads that never close (Forrester). Many companies have built expensive “demand waterfall” management software systems, processes, and large staffs, that cycle through 199 dead-end […]

Secret Sauce to Growth in B2B Communications – Intent Data

Communications businesses are leading the charge in the B2C consumer space. Understanding consumer needs and the buyer journey is no new news to leaders in this space… But from the B2B side of the business, resonating amongst SMB and enterprise clients can be a bit more difficult – the challenge is reaching the right decision […]

So, You Think You Need a New Lead Scoring Model?

Often characterized by its blend of big data with predictive analytics, lead scoring has quickly emerged as a prevalent solution aimed to support demand generation and sales by identifying the right prospects to prioritize outreach. Over the past few years, investment in lead scoring solutions have increased exponentially as many companies have shifted resources to […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Use “Black Box” Lead Scoring

We see it constantly–analytics vendors who claim to offer lead scoring services that will increase your conversion rates enormously and leave you begging for more. These companies typically promise a quick and easy lead scoring deployment that will yield a +20% increase in conversion rates. How the vendors plan to achieve said results, however, isn’t […]

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