DigitalPulse™ Sees Rapid Growth and Gives Enterprise Clients a Competitive Edge

DigitalPulse™ becomes MarketBridge’s fastest growing solution as enterprise leaders sign-on for access to in-depth strategic intelligence.

Bethesda, MD – Nov. 15, 2017 –
MarketBridge today announced that DigitalPulse™, a subscription-based monthly intelligence report, has moved to the lead as their top selling solution for sales, marketing and channel leaders looking to optimize business strategies and mitigate risk. By combining services and technology into a single solution, MarketBridge works with clients to build a monthly market intelligence report that provides business leaders with strategic recommendations and next steps. In customizing the report to each client’s products, solutions and buyer ecosystems, DigitalPulse™ delivers more tailored and relevant insights than anything available on the market today.

Lane Douglas, Vice President of Marketing Solutions, explains “Our DigitalPulse clients tell us, ‘We aren’t getting this intel anywhere else.’ We surface insights that internal market research teams might have missed and dig deeper into data from across the digital universe, beyond simple Google alerts.”

Today’s clients include leaders in financial services, technology and healthcare industries that use the insights DigitalPulse surfaces to inform outreach strategies, messaging development and product positioning. An international banking and financial services firm used DigitalPulse to alter their product development efforts. After analyzing thousands of conversations around Millennial preferences (a core target demographic), DigitalPulse determined why they preferred a competitor’s credit card above all others. Based on these findings, the financial services firm decided to redesign their premier card, ramp up production and develop a strategy for competitive action.

Other use cases of DigitalPulse center around optimizing and implementing marketing tactics for greater impact. A Fortune 500 Technology firm solidified plans for better retail advertising after DigitalPulse analyzed conversations around their products and competitors. DigitalPulse found a stronger preference towards the client’s sustainability messaging over a competitor’s eco-friendly centric communications. In response, the company could, in agile fashion, re-allocate marketing budget and implement plans to capitalize on market conversations.

Tim Furey, CEO of MarketBridge, comments on the impact of this product and implications to enterprise teams, “Marketing, sales and channel teams lack insightful market, consumer and competitor intelligence needed for more effective program and campaign planning. DigitalPulse delivers exactly what sales, marketing and channel teams need to plan their next action and move ahead of competitors.”

Key benefits of DigitalPulse:

  • Tactical, competitive market positioning: Gives marketing teams the insight needed to build more competitive, relevant and revenue-driving campaigns and pinpoint new or better target audiences.
  • Informed thought-leadership: Uncovers untapped conversation trends and topics that set the agenda for monthly thought-leadership planning and content creation.
  • Ongoing, actionable sales enablement: Educates and empowers sales teams with knowledge of customer, industry and product trends for better solution positioning.
  • Increased channel participation and performance: Arms channel or partner teams with actionable learnings to optimize recruitment, onboarding and partner-led marketing campaigns and sales plays.
  • Product development feedback: Flags emerging customer issues, surfaces customer success cases and identifies competitor vulnerabilities to enhance and improve product roadmaps.

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About DigitalPulse
DigitalPulse is a monthly subscription service that sources, synthesizes and interprets thousands of customer, competitor and market conversations to deliver the most relevant intel inside a consolidated ~15 page report. DigitalPulse works by monitoring and tracking conversations from across the web – social media, blogs, press releases, analyst reports and more – to mine those sources for points of conversation. Inside the report, teams get access to in-depth hot topic overviews, brand spotlights of their performance, competitor hits and misses and most importantly, consolidated insights and strategic considerations for business planning.

About MarketBridge
MarketBridge clients include leading Fortune 1000 companies in technology, financial services, and business services industries. MarketBridge’s marketing and sales intelligence solutions focus on speed-to-results as measured by incremental revenues, reduced costs and cycles times, and improved ROI on existing enterprise software investments. MarketBridge solutions are designed to support multi-channel go-to-market operations – whether those channels are direct (field sales, inside sales, ecommerce) or third party resellers, distributors, and retailers.