MarketBridge Expands Cloud-Based Sales and Marketing Intelligence Suite

New data-driven, fully managed solutions that…

  • Enable sales teams to achieve up to 40% improvement in coverage, conversion and productivity

  • Provide marketers with increased pipeline visibility and multi-channel sales impact

  • Leverage existing enterprise CRM and marketing automation platforms with no additional software licensing

Bethesda, MD – Sept. 21, 2017 – MarketBridge announced the expansion of three cloud-based, configurable data and content solutions to support multi-channel enterprise marketing and sales operations. Together, these solutions add a “missing layer” of market, customer, and content intelligence that allows product marketers to provide every sales channel with predictive targeting to fuel acquisition, retention, and cross-selling. Each solution combines MarketBridge’s award winning managed services with technology to deliver business impact within weeks and quantitative ROI within a business quarter. More importantly, these solutions can be deployed through clients’ existing platforms, avoiding additional software licensing and user adoption investments.

MarketBridge’s expanded solution suite includes:

  • DigitalPulse™ (Market Intelligence)
    DigitalPulse™ provides marketers and all their sales channels with up-to-date insights and breaking news on specific product markets. By tracking and synthesizing thousands of monthly customer and competitor digital and social media posts, DigitalPulse™ delivers customer trends and competitive insights directly to product marketers and quota-bearing sales reps. Moreover, it provides tactical guidance to tailor marketing campaigns, outreach messaging, and sales plays in response to market trends.
  • PlayCaller™ (Customer Intelligence)
    PlayCaller™ delivers a highly qualified weekly list of 10-30 trigger-based opportunities to every sales rep or channel partner inside businesses’ existing CRM systems (e.g. Salesforce). Going well beyond basic lead scoring, PlayCaller™ automates time consuming buyer research by analyzing buying signals from both third party (e.g. intent data) and first party (e.g. purchase history, product usage) data sources to trigger account and product specific sales plays. In turn, PlayCaller™ identifies who is ready to buy, the best-fit products, and relevant messaging/content to advance deals. More importantly, PlayCaller™ enables marketing and sales management to operationalize and track new product launches, account-based marketing, cross-sell and retention strategies.
  • DigitalAccess™ (Content Intelligence)
    DigitalAccess™ delivers content on-demand to front-line sales reps, marketers and channel partners, allowing them to easily access and filter through thousands of internal and third party content pieces (product sheets, white papers, case studies, thought-leadership, videos, blogs and more) to give prospects the most relevant content at each stage of the buyer journey. DigitalAccess™ aggregates and curates content from various sources and provides marketers and sales reps rapid access to the most buyer relevant content, increasing both sales cycle velocity and content ROI.

According to Tim Furey, MarketBridge CEO, “Senior marketing and sales leaders are entering a new era where ‘big data’ and ‘big content’ can now be harnessed for not just strategic insight, but also quantum improvements in operational effectiveness.” Furey adds, “Our solutions help sales and marketing execs capture powerful, new data sources such as social media and IoT data to covert these insights into incremental revenues. By adding this ‘missing layer’ of intelligence into existing sales & marketing platforms, our clients extract greater value from the millions already invested in software technology.” The solution suite offers a turnkey option to connecting new customer acquisition, cross-sell and retention strategies with multi-channel execution.

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About MarketBridge
MarketBridge clients include leading Fortune 1000 companies in technology, financial services, and business services industries. MarketBridge’s marketing and sales intelligence solutions focus on speed-to-results as measured by incremental revenues, reduced costs and cycles times, and improved ROI on existing enterprise software investments. MarketBridge solutions are designed to support multi-channel go-to-market operations – whether those channels are direct (field sales, inside sales, ecommerce) or third party resellers, distributors, and retailers.