A Marketer’s Guide to Subscription-Based Revenue Success

We analyzed 30+ marketing leaders from multiple industries, large and small firms, and varying levels of subscription model maturity. Download the report to learn how leading marketers in subscription-based companies are acquiring, developing, and retaining high-value audiences.

Asset Management Outlook: Next-Generation Distribution Enablement

We analyzed 35+ firms across a mix of firm sizes/AUM and distribution channels, and surveyed over 100 financial advisors on their relationships with AMs. Download the report for what asset managers are innovating and prioritizing to transform distribution enablement.

A CMO’s Guide to Land and Expand Success in the Subscription Economy

We surveyed and interviewed some of the fastest-growing technology companies and industry leaders on their priorities to drive competitive advantage. This report answers Technology Marketer’s most pressing question – “What are the best strategies and tactics to land and expand clients in the new subscription economy?” Our report lays out current challenges, future priorities and go-forward actions.

Consumer Perceptions in Banking

Digital transformation across many industries has seen leaps and bounds in advancements over the past 10-12 months, largely due to COVID-19. And although COVID-19 has ushered in a new emphasis on the adoption of technologies, consumers have not displayed a significant increase in the desire to migrate fully to digital banking. Download our report containing six major statistical findings as consumers navigate Banking options, services, and solutions​.

Consumer Perceptions in Auto Insurance

As digital transformation continues to reshape many industries, the auto insurance industry faces unprecedented disruption from Fintech contenders. Download our report containing five major statistical findings as consumers navigate Auto Insurance options, services, and solutions​.

Sales Enablement Outlook 2021

MarketBridge conducted a survey to understand how and where sales enablement teams at Technology companies are adjusting their approaches to deliver superior results. Access our comprehensive benchmarking report summarizing our findings including three key sales enablement investment themes in the post-disruption environment.

Consumer Perceptions in Investment Management

Fintech disruptors – like Betterment, Wealthfront, Robinhood, and others – are revolutionizing the industry, leading with digital-first offerings. Despite the rise in these disruptors, our research found many consumers are unwilling to give up “traditional” services and offerings. Download our report containing six major statistical findings as consumers navigate Investment Management options, services, and solutions​.

Fintech Disruption Go-to-Market Toolkit

Shifting demographics, consumer preferences, and expectations are massively disrupting the once predictable financial services industry. In an effort to identify which incumbent strategies to promote advantage, we analyzed over 100 financial services and fintech companies and surveyed 1,500 consumers across banking and payments, insurance, and investments.

COVID-19 Digital Listening for Voluntary Insurance

Every two weeks, MarketBridge will bring you an updated look at how payers and groups like dentists and insurance agents are evolving within the voluntary insurance space. Additionally, we’ll break down why each key finding is important and its implication for you…

COVID-19 Digital Listening for Health Insurance

Health insurance has seen drastic changes unfold due to COVID – record numbers of unemployed consumers mean spikes in enrollment for state health exchanges and declines in employer-tied health insurance; and the increasing need for behavioral health options. Insurers largely have responded to these changes in consumer behaviors by expanding access to affordable (or free) telehealthcare, coverage for COVID-related tests and treatment, and premium rebates for services not rendered. However, what insurers are realizing is many members who are not sick with COVID are avoiding seeking continued preventative care, potentially jeopardizing their health in the near- and long-term.