Lauren MacMillan

Vice President

Lauren MacMillan leads client engagements in the Analytics practice focused on campaign setup, measurement and reporting, and answering the elusive question of “why” campaigns performed the way they did. Lauren has a BA in Physics from Colgate University and brings over 15 years of experience to MarketBridge—from managing projects to solving complex marketing problems in a variety of industries, including high-tech, insurance, energy, and retail.

Lauren began her career at MarketBridge as an Analyst in 2007 and worked with clients for over 4 years in the technology industry to bring a data-centric approach to their end-to-end marketing processes. During this time, she partnered with clients to build out marketing taxonomies, established test-and-learn plans to properly measure the impacts of campaign changes, and developed dashboards to provide holistic views of campaign performance.

Lauren rejoined MarketBridge in 2019. Her return followed 2 years with Latinum Network (known as Collage Group) where she delivered insights on different priority customer segments to B2C and CPG companies. She also spent 6 years with the Opower analytics team 1) forecasting the potential electric and natural gas savings Opower programs could save utility customers, and 2) building business cases to help sell these programs to utility clients around the world.

As Vice President for MarketBridge, Lauren continues to encourage both teammates and clients to bring a scientific approach to marketing planning and measurement.