Mapping Buyer Journeys for Optimal Engagement and GTM Performance

CMOs and CROs face an increasingly complex environment to successfully engage new buyers with the complexity of more digital channel and shorter attention spans. With over 25+ years executing best-in-class buyer engagement programs, we know the core elements to attract and engage new buyers for greater ROI and faster sales cycles.

Planning for a Successful Drip Campaign

Our team of campaign strategists assembled this checklist to help you navigate the ingredients necessary for success. Download the eBook for our 5 steps to planning your next drip campaign:

9 Tips for Lead Follow Up

Leads are an integral part of any marketing and sales strategy. This issue is that it’s difficult for marketers to know which leads will convert successfully into customers. Sometimes “quality” leads can fizzle out and “suspect” leads can turn into big business.” The best practices for lead follow up begin with a strategy. Maximizing the […]

8 Steps to Nurturing Your Leads into Butterflies

Most organizations are engaged in some type of lead nurturing, but are you doing it right? At it’s best, lead nurturing is just that—nurturing. An enhanced nurturing program gives you the data and expertise to nourish your leads with the content they need, when they want it, in whatever channels they want it, until you’ve […]

Lead Nurturing: Eight Road Signs to Guide You to More Revenue

Getting valuable farmland for free. Striking it rich mining gold and silver. Accessing acres and acres of lumber cheaply. Spreading out and ranching hundreds of heads of cattle. These were just a few of the compelling reasons why thousands of Americans walked the 2,200-mile Oregon Trail in the mid-1800s and headed west. Yet millions of […]

Your Lead Nurturing Is Not Successful: What’s Missing?

Behind Every Successful Lead Nurture Program is Segmentation We all know that content is King, but how do you decide what content to use to support your lead nurture campaigns? That’s where segmentation comes into play. Organizations are often challenged with not only generating demand and interest with leads in a highly competitive marketplace, but […]

Lead Nurturing Guide: 9 Best Practices for Lead Follow-up

Leads are an integral part of any salesforce strategy. Without leads the process stumbles, relying on only chance and fortune. Fostering leads is a great way to take control of your sales force, relying on expertise instead of luck. Fostering leads can be a time-consuming and challenging endeavor. It’s difficult for a sales staff to […]

A Simplified Approach to Developing a Content Strategy for Nurturing

A recent Ascend2 study asked 375 marketing, sales and business professionals about the tactics they use to generate demand[1]. Both content marketing and email marketing came out on top as THE most effective lead generation and lead nurturing tactics. Even though marketers continue to focus on content marketing, according to the study nearly half (48%) […]

Lead Scoring That Will Top the Charts: 5 Keys to Lead Scoring Success

A few years ago, I met a well-educated, highly intelligent, and extremely creative man in essentially the middle of nowhere. He and his two PHD buddies had traveled by RV from New York to Nevada motivated by the sole purpose of sharing their art with complete strangers. I, was one of those strangers. The night […]

Lead Nurturing: 5 Ways You Are Leaving Money On The Table

Henry Ford once said, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” He said that as he rolled out the Model T which had a major revenue impact on the automobile assembly process. Eventually Ford’s Model T evolved into other cars—taking on many colors, shapes, […]