Optimizing Marketing Mix in the Subscription Economy

The subscription economy has impacted all industries and is driving massive changes in business processes and operating models. The dramatic change in customer preferences away from ownership and towards outcomes and increased flexibility has changed the game…

Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) Beyond Digital Channels

Multi-touch attribution is critical for marketers who want to truly understand ROI of their various channels. While the term “MTA” is en vogue right now, this has been a problem for marketers for a long time. In the 1960s, television advertising might be driving some proportion of sales at retail, but no one knew how much. To solve this problem, statisticians used the tools of econometrics to build regressions…

Multi-touch Attribution & Measuring Your Marketing Halo

Over decades of evolution, companies have developed multiple sales and marketing channels and have placed high importance on measuring each channel’s ROI. But, ROI-tunnel vision has led companies to focus their efforts on channels that are more easily measured, while channels with harder-to-measure success dwindle.

Optimizing B2B Return on Marketing Investment​

Achieving the optimal marketing mix is challenging, especially for B2B businesses. Top- and bottom-funnel investments, like brand building, demand generation and sales enablement, pay off at different rates and in different ways and need to be adjusted based on growth goals. There are three key inputs to optimize your marketing mix:

Measuring Return on Analytics

The Challenge: What Value Does Data Science Drive? First of all, a note on scope and audience: this article has to do with marketing analytics / data science (I use the terms interchangeably), and is written as such. While these concepts should absolutely be useful for executives in other areas (biotech, manufacturing, operations, etc.), all […]

Marketers – You’re Doing it All Wrong. How to Chop the Funnel in Half + Gain ROI.

In the past, my team and our clients have spent a lot of time, energy, and budget at the top of the funnel. Whether it be creating valuable content, writing clever emails, delivering webinars, or attending large tradeshows/events – we all have our “fingers crossed” that we can generate demand and handoff MQLs to our […]

Two “Magic Numbers” for Every CEO and Sales & Marketing Leader

As nearly every company aspires to have recurring revenue business model, investors and analysts are increasingly focused on two “magic number” metrics: ARR/CAC and NRR. More importantly, every Sales & Marketing executive and employee should be fully aware of these numbers. Customer Acquisition Payback (ARR/CAC): Customer acquisition effectiveness is increasingly being measured by expected Annual […]

Marketing Performance: Why Is It So #@$% Hard To Get Basic Results?

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker, (attributed) More than 100 years later, marketing executives still feel John Wanamaker’s pain. CMOs are under intense pressure to deliver measurable returns on marketing investments. However, delivering consistent, reliable performance metrics remains a challenge for […]

Earn Your Seat in the C-Suite: 6 Steps to Actionable Marketing Reporting – Part 2

In our last post, we reviewed the first half of our 6 step plan to better reporting by developing a measurement framework. As promised, we’ve put together a comprehensive reporting guide at the end of the post with examples to help you implement this in your organization! To recap, here’s our list of 6 steps: […]

Earn Your Seat in the C-Suite: 6 Steps to Actionable Program Reporting

Do you find yourself with an endless supply of reports but unable to get answers to your most critical business questions? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many companies are faced with the same exact issues that you are. It’s very likely these companies have one or more of the following foundational problems: They don’t […]