5 Strategies to Improve Marketing Effectiveness This Year

Our analytics expert shared his advice with DestinationCRM on what marketers should do to improve marketing effectiveness while navigating the post-cookie world.

Digital Advertising 2020: A Lot More Quality Digital Eyeballs

Of all of the emergent phenomena that have occurred over the past nine months, one that hasn’t gotten much press is the dramatic increase in the supply of quality digital impressions. There isn’t a published source measuring this very real metric—it has to be triangulated between total impressions, e-commerce sales, click-through rates, and prices—but marketers across many categories know that digital marketing is killing it right now…

Mapping Buyer Journeys for Optimal Engagement and GTM Performance

CMOs and CROs face an increasingly complex environment to engage new buyers across a surplus of digital channels and shorter attention spans. Download the step-by-step framework to mapping buyer journeys and a case study showing how we put our methodology into practice.

Blending Art and Science to Optimize Sales Enablement Content

The cornerstone of sales enablement is empowering sales resources with the right message in the right format for the right buying scenario. Download the framework for 11 go-dos to lay a foundation for a data-enabled content factory.

Activating a Persona-Based Messaging Architecture

CMOs and product marketers face an increasingly high hurdle to engage personally with their prospective buyers. Download the framework for a 10 step checklist to creating actionable personas for incremental revenue growth.

Creating a Consistent Customer Experience with Sales Content

Every organization understands the importance of offering consistent products and services, but most don’t understand the role content can play in delivering a consistent customer experience. Consistency encourages regularity and reliability, which in turn makes customers feel safe and open to building a long-term relationship with you and your product or service. A study by […]

3 Core Components of Successful Content Personalization

What is content personalization? Put simply, content personalization is the process of delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. Unfortunately, a content personalization strategy can be challenging to define and even more challenging to implement successfully. According to a recent survey from Adobe, 77% of marketers report real-time personalization is […]

6 Step Framework for Marketing Content Optimization

In today’s marketing landscape of channel proliferation, ultra-savvy buyers, and chronic shortages of time and attention, investing in really good content might be the highest ROI decision a CMO or CRO can make. Really good content performs in a non-linear way, but what is it that makes that “one piece” drive ten times more eyeballs […]

Episode 4: Connect Data & Content to Quarterly Revenue Growth

The Killer Slide Series on Data-Driven Revenue Growth Let’s get tactical… In Episode 4, MarketBridge’s CEO discusses how to use existing data and content to fuel your specific acquisition, cross-selling or upselling revenue growth objectives. We get it, attempting to aggregate every data source can be complex and cumbersome. The PlayCaller™ methodology signals exactly who […]

Content + Sales = The Perfect Match for Marketing ROI

If you think back to middle school, getting that girl/guy to say yes to that first date meant you had to put yourself out there. Remember that nerve-wracking process? Passing a cheesy note through a friend (“Do you like me? Yes or No?”) amounted to nothing, because how could you possibly get that guy/girl to […]