Take the Lead: Content Mapping for Lead Nurture

It is known that a lead nurture program is a critical component to converting leads into sales. An integral part of any lead nurture strategy revolves around mapping the right content at the right time to a prospective buyer. The buying cycle is generally a four step process which includes awareness, interest, consideration, and purchase. […]

A Simplified Approach to Developing a Content Strategy for Nurturing

A recent Ascend2 study asked 375 marketing, sales and business professionals about the tactics they use to generate demand[1]. Both content marketing and email marketing came out on top as THE most effective lead generation and lead nurturing tactics. Even though marketers continue to focus on content marketing, according to the study nearly half (48%) […]

Mapping Content to the Buying Cycle

Anticipating the needs of a potential customer has always been one of the cornerstones of effective sales. In the digital age, when we no longer have the luxury of face-to-face contact with our customers, the content we provide is what builds that important connection. Too often, marketers attempt to make their content as universal as […]

Content Marketing Strategies for Today’s Businesses

“Content marketing” is one of those buzzwords that sounds simple enough in theory but is rarely executed well. Roughly, it refers to the practice of promoting your brand through blog posts, infographics and other resources that position you as an expert in your field. While much of the most trusted and useful content on the […]

3 Ways to Leverage Content Curation in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Thought leadership is often a cornerstone of sales enablement content, explaining why so many companies stress their digital platforms, social media presence, and other publications as such a high priority. There are times, however, when a case of writer’s block will hit. Maybe you don’t have the resource capacity to write another blog post this […]

3 Steps to Optimizing Your Content Marketing Strategy for Search

In 2014, content ruled the marketing world. Every company (MarketBridge included) raced to write engaging and cutting-edge articles, whitepapers, how-to guides, and blog posts. Each was designed to position the company as a thought leader, with just the right information to massage potential customers through each stage of the buying process and to ensure a […]

Ways to Succeed At Content Marketing: 6 Key Takeaways

Is your company on board with content marketing in theory but not in practice? Is your company using content marketing but still not seeing the results you hoped for? Content marketing is no longer a secret weapon. More and more companies are realizing its weight as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy and are investing […]

Content for Every Stage of the Journey

Content Marketing was the biggest buzz-term in Marketing in 2013 and by the looks of it 2014 is no different. However, whereas as in 2013 organizations were primarily focused on creating an array of content, in 2014 they need to focus their efforts on creating engaging content. After all the infographics, whitepapers, e-books, newsletters, webinars, […]

Don’t Cast A Wide Net, Build the Pond: Taking the Long-View in Customer Engagement

“Fish Where the Fish Are Swimming.” It’s an old, oft-referenced axiom in Marketing. In essence: don’t waste your time casting a wide net. Focus your energy on finding where your customers are, and engage them in the perfect moment to hook and reel them in. Sure, it’s catchy (we’re Marketers, after all). But shouldn’t we […]

10 Critical Steps to Successful Sales and Marketing Content Alignment

When organizations think of sales and marketing alignment, one of the main things they often focus on is demand generation. Additionally, content has grown as a critical component in successful selling, so companies must now take steps to align around content as well. It is important for sales and marketing teams to gain alignment and […]