The Critical Path Ahead for Tech CMOs

It’s here.  The 21st CMO Survey is out and it gives us the opportunity to lift our heads up from our day-to-day work with our Technology clients and understand CMOs’ perspectives on where they are placing bets on growth and where the greatest risks of failure in their operations might be.  It’s a good tool […]

How to Build a Product-Centric Data Science Organization

Realistically, most data science is heads-down, unpredictable activity. Typically, a data scientist is given an objective, such as “tell me the part-worth of TV in my advertising mix”, or “come up with a classifier to put a lead into the correct segment,” and has to figure out how to solve the problem with a vast […]

4 Must-Have Marketing Automation Features for Massive ROI

Marketers are reaping the benefits of scaling marketing automation to their businesses. What’s not to love about a class of technology that can automate and measure your program’s success for you in real-time? For those rookies who have not tapped into the benefits of marketing automation, you could be striking out of increasing your organization’s […]

Earn Your Seat in the C-Suite: 6 Steps to Actionable Program Reporting

Do you find yourself with an endless supply of reports but unable to get answers to your most critical business questions? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many companies are faced with the same exact issues that you are. It’s very likely these companies have one or more of the following foundational problems: They don’t […]

“Marketing Leads are Crap!” How to Achieve Sales & Marketing Utopia

6 Questions to Ask your Sales Team to Get Buy-In Between Marketing and Sales You’ve crafted a perfect user experience that guides your prospects through the buyer journey and nudges them to perform certain behaviors that will deem them as ready to be put in contact with a sales person. Maybe you’ve even set up […]

For the Love of Marketing (and Sales): Why Alignment Matters

One of the sessions I attended at the SiriusDecisions Summit in Nashville last week posed the question, does alignment matter? It sounded like such a strange question because the very essence of our lives centers around alignment; alignment of body and mind, alignment of work and family, and of course, alignment of marketing and sales […]

How Marketing Automation Can Help You Better Engage with Customers

As a seasoned marketer, one of your daily challenges likely involves better understanding your customers. You know it has never been more crucial to do so, because the only way you can generate demand for your products or services is if you truly offer the value your customers are looking for by solving for THEIR […]

Uses for Marketing Automation, Aside from Lead Nurturing & Scoring

Let’s do a little exercise. Scenario 1: You receive an invitation to join a loyalty program at Store A, where you have shopped once or twice before. You are notified that you get 10% off of your purchase if you join the rewards program, therefore you sign-up. You leave and don’t hear back from the […]