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Sales Prioritization: Turning Art Into Science

The art of selling parallels the discipline of time management. Selling, like time management, is knowing how to prioritize and manage your time. Today, most sellers go through a manual process to figure out who to touch, when to do it, and what to say on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Yet, artificial intelligence […]

6 Key Sales and Marketing Trends of Q1 2017

Lessons Drawn from 100s of Executive Conversations… Every business quarter, MarketBridge has the privilege of speaking with hundreds of B2B sales and marketing leaders. Based on these conversations, we noticed six sales and marketing trends that have emerged. The below six trends sum up what we’ve heard on improving sales and marketing performance and getting […]

What AI Cannot Do for Sales

AI is already the hottest buzzword among the B2B sales community. I have heard the term more through early March of 2017 than I’ve heard Account Based Marketing in all of 2016 or Social Selling in all of 2015. I should be elated as a service provider of AI for sales teams, but here is […]

3 Harsh Realities Every Marketer Faces When it Comes to Content… and How to Solve Them

Content is king… or so they say. But the hardest part is effectively measuring it’s return on investment. Whether you are in manufacturing, technology, healthcare, banking, or another industry, the problem is apparent. A recent study from Sirius Decisions states companies are spending tons of money on content; small companies – $175,000, medium companies – […]

Heads of Sales Are Getting Back to Basics in 2017

We speak with heads of sales every week. It’s what we do as a business. Here’s what we’re hearing out in the market… The world ran to cool new tools, technologies, data, training systems, sales methodologies, and a series of experiments in the post-recession era. But rather than fixing the sales problem, it led to […]