Understand how strategy and targeting may be shifting over time and connect the dots to campaign success.

Measuring the Impact of Brand Marketing on Business Growth

Businesses with direct customer ties have a unique advantage in driving sales. However, they often struggle to measure the long-term benefits of brand and upper-funnel marketing—focusing instead on short-term gains. This framework unpacks the value of brand marketing and how to measure its impact for long-term growth.

Choosing the Right Revenue Motions for B2B Growth

Revenue motions can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your marketing, sales, and service departments. But which revenue motion strategy is right for your business?

Shining Light on the Upper Funnel: Avoiding the Cobra Effect in the Era of Cherry-picking

Listen in as our Chief Analytics Officer covers the lower funnel ecosystem, cobra effect in digital advertising, as well as the evolution of and methods to overcome the measurement trap direct from the #ANAMeasurement Conference.

The Trust Dilemma: Are Advertising Platforms Acting in Your Best Interests?

Advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook are pushing AI/machine learning to help companies optimize results and increase efficiency. But can you trust that the advertising platforms are acting in your best interests?

Medicare Insurance Marketing: Navigating National vs. Local Challenges

To improve strategic plans, implement more omnichannel marketing, and drive membership growth, the Medicare insurance marketing challenges causing friction need to be addressed.

B2B Revenue Leaders: Are You Making This Costly Mistake During an Economic Downturn?

While it may be tempting to cut B2B marketing efforts during a recessionary period, doing so can hinder an organization’s long-term growth and success. We cover three reasons why B2B revenue leaders shouldn’t cut marketing spend and three tactical go-forward steps to increase efficiency.

The Science of Optimizing Lead Generation Performance

Watch the on-demand, 30-minute webinar covering how to holistically assess lead generation campaign performance.

4 Lead Generation Mistakes CMOs (and Their Teams) Make

We’ve identified four common lead generation mistakes that CMOs and their teams make that hinder lead gen performance. Is your team suffering from these problems?

Evaluating Lead Generation Campaigns for Long-Term Success

To combat performance decline and strategy drift, marketing must start evaluating lead generation campaign performance every few years. Download the framework for four core steps you must take.

Where Subscription Marketers Need to Focus Their Energy

With limited dollars to place on subscription services, subscription marketers must focus on 4 customer lifecycle stages to engage and delight consumers.