Understand how strategy and targeting may be shifting over time and connect the dots to campaign success.

The Science of Optimizing Lead Generation Performance

Watch the on-demand, 30-minute webinar covering how to holistically assess lead generation campaign performance.

4 Lead Generation Mistakes CMOs (and Their Teams) Make

We’ve identified four common lead generation mistakes that CMOs and their teams make that hinder lead gen performance. Is your team suffering from these problems?

Evaluating Lead Generation Campaigns for Long-Term Success

To combat performance decline and strategy drift, marketing must start evaluating lead generation campaign performance every few years. Download the framework for four core steps you must take.

Where Subscription Marketers Need to Focus Their Energy

With limited dollars to place on subscription services, subscription marketers must focus on 4 customer lifecycle stages to engage and delight consumers.

Digital Advertising 2020: A Lot More Quality Digital Eyeballs

Of all of the emergent phenomena that have occurred over the past nine months, one that hasn’t gotten much press is the dramatic increase in the supply of quality digital impressions. There isn’t a published source measuring this very real metric—it has to be triangulated between total impressions, e-commerce sales, click-through rates, and prices—but marketers across many categories know that digital marketing is killing it right now…

Planning for a Successful Drip Campaign

Our team of campaign strategists assembled a checklist to help you navigate the ingredients necessary for a successful drip campaign. Download the whitepaper for this 5-step checklist to help you plan your next drip campaign.

The Changing Face of Distribution Marketing to Seniors

When it comes to e-commerce, “rising seniors” have had 20 years to get used to secure e-commerce pages—specifically the little lock that appears on secure sites. The idea that seniors will hesitate to conduct business online is at this point probably more of a stereotype than reality.

Episode 5: The End-to-End Strategy to Improve Customer Acquisition

The Killer Slide Series on Data-Driven Revenue Growth In Episode 5, MarketBridge’s CEO discusses how to improve customer acquisition and reduce CAC (customer acquisition costs) in 3 steps. With email response rates declining and sale’s lead acceptance low, today’s demand waterfall is steep. In fact, out of 10,000 prospects targeted, 4 deals might close. Businesses […]

Your Leads – Rotting Away Like Week Old Fruit…

“Big data,” “predictive analytics,” and “lead nurture” are all the buzz when it comes to go to market strategy…. So, you, not wanting to fall behind in the digital sales and marketing world invested in some pretty cool solutions that should help you gather more leads and close more deals: Marketing automation tools – analyzes […]

So, You Think You Need a New Lead Scoring Model?

Often characterized by its blend of big data with predictive analytics, lead scoring has quickly emerged as a prevalent solution aimed to support demand generation and sales by identifying the right prospects to prioritize outreach. Over the past few years, investment in lead scoring solutions have increased exponentially as many companies have shifted resources to […]