Create a growth strategy and roadmap to capture a greater share of the market and capitalize on new opportunities.

Unlocking Growth Through the Power of Key Account Programs

For all the promises KAM programs make around developing strategic relationships and driving sustainable revenue growth, almost half of key account programs fail or need to be rebuilt. Download the framework to learn how to develop a successful KAM program and get our checklist of 5 to-dos.

Part 2: Operations and Analytics – A Roadmap for Modern B2B Go-to-Market

The second whitepaper in our series, “A Roadmap to Modern B2B Go-to-Market,” encompasses two main topics that enable growth—Operations and Analytics. Download the comprehensive 41-page whitepaper and learn more about this 3-part series.

3 Channel Partner Challenges Hindering Your Revenue Growth

We’ve heard directly from our clients and survey respondents that partners struggle to adapt customer experience motions and solutions for new XaaS-driven revenues. So, in this blog, we cover three prevalent channel partner challenges technology leaders face in the race to XaaS success.

Choosing the Right Revenue Motions for B2B Growth

Revenue motions can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your marketing, sales, and service departments. But which revenue motion strategy is right for your business?

A Guide to Segmentation and Targeting in B2B Marketing

Amidst shifting dynamics, segmentation and targeting serve as indispensable tools for businesses navigating the market effectively. Read the blog for common pitfalls and best practices in segmentation and targeting.

Identify Growth Opportunities with SWOT and Ansoff Analysis

The journey to business expansion is not without challenges, but understanding where to focus your efforts can be transformational. Learn how to identify, structure, and prioritize untapped growth opportunities to increase revenue.

Redefining Your B2B Go-to-Market Strategy: A Blueprint for Growth

In the shifting sands of the digital era, business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing motions have transformed drastically. Learn how to navigate the rapidly evolving B2B go-to-market landscape and future-proof your B2B go-to-market strategy.

Fueling the Next Growth Curve at Smartsheet with Buyer-Centric Messaging

Direct from the 2023 ANA Masters of B2B Marketing Conference, listen in as Kati Quigley and Mike Kelleher share Smartsheet’s recent efforts to fuel the next growth curve with buyer-centric messaging.

3 Steps to Using Data to Curb Member Churn and Fortify Loyalty

In this guide, we walk through three steps to mitigate member switching and enhance the member loyalty loop to secure long-term revenue growth. Download the guide to learn more.

Part 1: Growth Design – A Roadmap for Modern B2B Go-to-Market

‘Part 1: Growth Design’ explores the scope and history of go-to-market strategy and the technological innovations that are driving massive change in this discipline. Download the comprehensive 49-page whitepaper and learn more about this 3-part series.