Part 1: Growth Design – A Roadmap for Modern B2B Go-to-Market

‘Part 1: Growth Design’ explores the scope and history of go-to-market strategy and the technological innovations that are driving massive change in this discipline. Download the comprehensive 49-page whitepaper and learn more about this 3-part series.

A Roadmap for Modern B2B Go-to-Market

“A Roadmap to Modern B2B Go-to-Market” is a three-part whitepaper series for executives and business leaders navigating technology and market shifts while needing light on the art and science of constructing stable, predictable revenue streams—a linchpin for corporate success.

A Roadmap for Modern Marketing Analytics

For all the promise of data-driven marketing decision-making, Gartner predicts CFOs will slash marketing analytics teams by 60% in 2023. These pages outline the scope of Marketing Analytics jobs-to-be-done and detail the functional building blocks that teams need to better diagnose issues, predict outcomes and progress on marketing goals.

Top 10 XaaS Marketing Trends for 2023

Download the whitepaper for a ten-page summary of the top XaaS marketing trends that are increasingly defining success for tech marketing leaders.

5 Areas That CMOs Struggle in Measuring ROI and Where to Focus

Despite a progression of technology, methods, and practices, we see 5 key challenges for CMOs driving and measuring ROI over the next decade. Download the whitepaper for an in-depth review of these 5 challenges.

Measuring Marketing’s Effectiveness

The pressure to measure marketing’s success is on. So, how do marketing and analytics teams truly answer “what’s really working & what’s not?” This whitepaper solves the CMO imperative of proving profitability and measuring marketing effectiveness.

Planning for a Successful Drip Campaign

Our team of campaign strategists assembled a checklist to help you navigate the ingredients necessary for a successful drip campaign. Download the whitepaper for this 5-step checklist to help you plan your next drip campaign.

The Last Mile Opportunity Whitepaper

Digital disruptors are winning by reducing friction, driving customer loyalty, and cross-selling. Download the whitepaper to learn how traditional industry players can fight back.