The Superpowered CDP: Building a Go-to-Market Data Lake

Organizations struggle with the intricacies of modern marketing technology, notably traditional Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). Despite a solid 67% adoption rate, Gartner’s findings reveal a striking reality: only a mere 17% report high utilization. Explore the benefits of developing and maintaining owned, in-house Go-To-Market Data Lakes (GTMDL) as a supplement to traditional software-based Customer Data Platforms (CDPs).

Optimizing Member Outreach Campaigns to Improve Health Outcomes

Fortune 50 payer uses marketing analytics to increase preventive screenings and optimize spend after working with MarketBridge. Learn more in our case study.

Ten Steps for Building Foolproof Customer Segmentations

The right customer segmentation can help marketers and business leaders streamline their processes, drive better responses, and higher-quality customers. But “What does a successful segmentation look like?” Here are 10 steps to segmentation that are adopted and actionable.

The Problem with Multiple Customer Segmentations

It can be tempting to create the perfect segmentation; however, multiple customer segmentations are almost always a mistake. Download our checklist “10 Step Checklist for Creating Actionable Segmentations and Personas” for additional insights.

3 Steps to Using Data to Idle Defection Risk and Improve Retention

Your success relies on how you manage your leaky retention bucket. Download the framework on using data to idle defection risk and improve customer retention with 8 go-dos.