Fortune 50 Healthcare Payer Optimizes Acquisition Marketing Spend

Learn how a Fortune 50 healthcare payer optimized their acquisition marketing spend by working with MarketBridge in our case study.

Optimizing Member Outreach Campaigns to Improve Health Outcomes

Fortune 50 payer uses marketing analytics to increase preventive screenings and optimize spend after working with MarketBridge. Learn more in our case study.

Enhancing Competitive Positioning

Software company refreshes customer-centric messaging to out-position competitors in the as-a-Service space after working with MarketBridge. Learn more from our competitive positioning case study.

Go-to-Market Footprint Expansion

Insurance provider builds new revenue stream and exceeds growth projections by 61% working with MarketBridge. Learn more in our case study.

Designing Sales Compensation Programs

SaaS Company drives 40% increase in opportunity value with best-in-class competitive compensation after working with MarketBridge. Learn more in our case study.

Optimizing Sales Coverage

SaaS Company sees 42% improvement in sales efficiency with improved go-to-market sales strategy after MarketBridge assessment. Learn more in our case study.

Measuring Brand Marketing’s ROI

In our latest case study, we discuss the challenge with brand marketing and how we measure brand impact on demand. Download the case study to learn more about the objectives we accomplished.

How Simply “Watching Your Buyers” Can Increase Retention Rates

One of our clients recently came to us with an issue that we immediately diagnosed as a friction problem. A product had been conceived and built which should have been selling well, but uptake was slow. There was nothing functionally wrong with the product; it did what it said it did, and it filled an […]

4-Step Approach to Cross-Selling into Mid-Market Accounts

In our recent CMO Survey blog post, we highlighted how Tech CMOs allocate three-quarters (74%) of their total marketing spend on their top priority: Driving growth from existing markets. This blog tells the story of HOW to get results driving cross-sell in those existing markets…using the experiences of a leading technology platform provider for digital […]

Data-Driven Mid-Market Cross-Sell Program

This large financial services firm deployed a data-driven cross-sell program across thousands of mid-market merchants to drive increased product penetration and usage and achieve significant improvements in sales and marketing productivity. In the recent CMO Survey, FinServ respondents indicated that more than 75% of their marketing investments in growth go towards existing products/services (57%) and […]