MaxDiff Explained: Unlocking Meaningful Insights

MaxDiff, short for Maximum Difference Scaling, is a powerful tool that brings clarity to the often opaque world of market research. Discover why, when to, and how to use MaxDiff in our blog.

7 Steps to Optimize Channel Partner Enablement

In this guide, we explore the seven steps of channel partner enablement that ensure relationships are as productive and profitable as possible. From customizing partner programs to leveraging advanced data analytics, read about these imperatives to transform your partner strategy into a powerful component of success.

How to Measure Marketing Effectiveness for Acquisition & Member Campaigns

It’s crucial to measure marketing effectiveness for acquisition and member marketing campaigns to make informed, data-driven decisions that optimize budget allocation and drive positive outcomes. While each marketing method presents challenges, we walk through various measurement techniques and strategies can be employed to overcome these obstacles.

5 Essential Jobs in a Go-to-Market Analytics Team

Mastering the five essential jobs in a go-to-market analytics team—reporting, true analysis, targeting and segmentation, measurement, and prediction—is key to unlocking success. Read through the blog to learn about each job, gain additional insights, and get best practices for optimal results.

Deliver Brand Success Backed by Data Science

Learn how to leverage data/latent factors for marketing effectiveness—balancing quantitative science and qualitative insights—to optimize brand building and strategy.

The Power of Aggregators in Healthcare

Aggregators are an integral part of the health insurance landscape, offering companies the choice to actively capitalize on their strengths or passively receive sales. Read the blog to learn more about the power of aggregators in healthcare.

4 Situations When Marketing Effectiveness Measurement Is Especially Helpful

Marketers can’t optimize on last-touch attribution alone, and educating internal stakeholders on how marketing channels work together has long-term benefits. Access the blog to learn about four situations when marketing effectiveness tools can be particularly helpful.

From State Lines to Sales Lines: Unraveling the Power of Zip Code Analytics

Transforming raw data—whether latitude/longitude, address, zip code, or census block—into actionable insights requires the right combination of talent and automation. Learn how Ari’s open-source package solved the limitations of R mapping when using Census data to overlay demographics on zip codes.

Balancing Self-Service and Agent-Led Channels in Healthcare

To succeed in the healthcare industry, it is time to embrace the notion that channels don’t choose customers; customers choose channels. Using the three key steps we cover in this blog, find the right balance between self-service and agent-led channels.

The Right Marketing Mix for Various Scenarios

Our Chief Analytics Officer, Andy Hasselwander, covers what he has learned from measuring go-to-market effectiveness across many different industries during his career. From five product dimensions that matter when choosing a marketing mix to the 4 marketing mix decisions that matter.