AI for Marketers Executive Guide


HI (Human Intelligence) + AI:
Combining the Elements for Greater Marketing Conversions

If you’re telling yourself, “AI is too advanced for my marketing team so I’m better off waiting until next year to look into it,” go ahead and download this guide.

Inside these pages we bust AI myths, share some AI truths (including how you might be using it already) and tell you how it can work magic on the thousands of dollars’ worth of leads not progressing. By combining human and artificial intelligence, we create the perfect formula to monetize hidden revenue opportunities. And better yet, you can put it to work for your marketing team in less than 90 days. From pinpointing more qualified leads, more effective lead nurturing, and increased lead-to-sale conversion rates, this guide gives you:

  • 5 practical examples of how marketers can use AI for greater speed-to-market and impact
  • How to put AI in Action, including details on the brain power behind AI processes
  • Specific case studies of how Fortune 1000 businesses have implemented and succeeded using AI