Bill Sheldon

Senior Vice President

Bill Sheldon rejoined MarketBridge as a Senior Vice President to lead our Financial Services Practice. Bill has more than 20 years experience working with clients on data-driven approaches to sales and marketing effectiveness.

Prior to rejoining MarketBridge, Bill was the Chief Solutions Officer at Angoss Software, with overall responsibility for the design, development and deployment of predictive analytic solutions within major financial services accounts, including Great West, MetLife, Oppenheimer, Allianz, and Alliance Bernstein among others.

Prior to Angoss, Bill held the positions of Vice President of Marketing Solutions for Paradyz Analytics, a multi-channel marketing services agency, and Chief Operating Officer for CFM Partners, a leading provider of SaaS of Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions in the financial services industry.

While at MarketBridge previously, Bill led the Technology Sector and the Decision Sciences practices for nearly 15 years as Senior Vice President, working with leading technology clients such as Microsoft and IBM, among others.  Bill began his career at Accenture in the Washington, DC office.

Bill holds a BS from the University of Virginia,  and a Masters of Business Administration from the American University in Washington, DC.

Bill’s Posts

How Cloud Native Acumatica Adjusts Their Marketing Amid SaaS Competition

Subject: Customer Experience, Go-to-Market Strategy

Bill Sheldon spoke with Todd Wells, Chief Marketing Officer at Acumatica, on the headwinds and tailwinds the cloud-native, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software leader is facing in a changing economy.

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3 Go-to-Market Challenges in Asset Management

Subject: Go-to-Market Strategy

Observations and takeaways from last month’s SME Forum, Asset Management Industry Event – “Latent Leverage: Getting More With What You Have.” Increasing the yield on data, technology, content, activation, and talent investments will be critical to overcoming pressing industry issues.

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Top 3 Distribution Enablement Priorities in Asset Management

Subject: Customer Experience

We surveyed asset management leaders to understand imperatives for the digital future and found 3 distribution enablement priorities. View the top 3 priorities for market leaders in 2022 on our infographic.

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2021 Group Benefits: Continuing Rise of Benefits Admin Platforms-as-a-Channel

Subject: Channel Partner Enablement

A massively fragmented Benefits Administration (BenAdmin), HR, Payroll, Carrier, and PEO drives more frustration than a utility for many. Carriers and brokers will have to start thinking and acting much more like technology marketers and systems integrators moving forward in the benefits admin platform-as-a-channel inevitable …

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2021 Group Benefits: Shifting the Mindset from Products to Solutions

Subject: Buyer Journeys, Customer Experience, Growth Pathways, Sales Enablement

In Part 3, our team shares why Brokers and Providers are bundling coverages, the innovation potential for group benefits leaders that are transitioning from products to solutions, and 5 steps to building a customer-centric solutions strategy.

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2021 Group Benefits: Personalizing the Benefits Experience Via Employee Segmentation

Subject: Buyer Journeys, Customer Experience

In Part 2, our team shares how the pandemic has altered employee engagement in the benefits enrollment process, what employers and employees need from carriers/brokers during this accelerated transition, and what this means for…

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2021 Group Benefits: Changing Distribution and Go-to-Market Models

Subject: Go-to-Market Strategy, Growth Pathways, Sales Enablement

In Part 1 of our series, we dive into the specific go-to-market models for benefits providers as they face challenges. From employer-via-broker to direct-to­ consumer models, read on to see what’s happening and where things are going. We share strategies, imperatives, and foreseeable opportunities for …

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4 Strategies Group Benefits Providers Must Consider to Drive Growth

Subject: Market Insights

Our market intelligence team listened to 1,000’s of digital conversations this Fall around Open Enrollment to identify the top topics and themes that emerged. We combined this digital listening with client insights, competitive analysis, and our expertise to arrive at several key go-to-market themes that we believe will be critical to driving growth in the 2021 group benefits market, and beyond. An Industry …

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Research on Changing Consumer Perceptions in Financial Services

Subject: Market Insights

This blog is based on an interview conducted by Bill Hortz, Founder of the Institute for Innovation Development with Bill Sheldon, SVP at MarketBridge Disruption breeds change, but the right kind of change is driven by building from your customers’ needs and perceptions. In a …

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Developing Your Immediate Response to FinTech Disruption

Subject: Market Insights

This blog is based on an interview conducted by Bill Hortz, Founder of the Institute for Innovation Development with Steven Lewis, SVP at MarketBridge Fintech entrants are creating financial services industry disruption by changing the customer value equation and causing a major impact on consumers’ …

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