Steven Lewis

Senior Vice President

Steven Lewis leads the Go-to-Market solutions practice with MarketBridge, guiding the development and delivery of strategic efforts with sales and marketing leaders.  Steven brings a differentiated go-to-market point of view that fuses insights and innovation with a focus on data, customer experience,  business imperatives and an understanding complex routes to market, to drive effectiveness and cohesion across organizations he consults with.

Steven has deep industry expertise within financial services and high tech (channel), working with industry leaders to understand market and business dynamics and enable the development and implementation of innovative go-to-market solutions

Steven joined MarketBridge in 2007 and rejoined in 2020, following four years with Hero Digital, leading the CX business strategy practice. Steven holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing science from Acadia University (Canada) and an M.B.A. from Dalhousie University (Canada).

Steven’s Posts

Unlocking the True Potential of Digital Selling

Subject: Digital Sales

In an article for Sales & Marketing Management, Senior Vice President Steven Lewis shares his expertise on how B2B companies can drive better CX and seller productivity with digital selling.

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Change and Uncertainty: 4 Priorities for Consumer Banking

Subject: Growth Pathways

Steven Lewis summarizes 4 priorities for consumer banking to steer organizations through economic uncertainty and a highly competitive environment.

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What Financial Advisors Need to Digitally Succeed

Subject: Market Insights

The Power of Digital Readiness Financial Advisors (FAs), and almost all professionals used to in-person business relationships, experienced a dramatic shift in 2020 in terms of how they interact and operate. Virtually overnight, advisors had to adapt their go-to-market practices to ensure business-as-usual and client …

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Executing on Your Immediate Response to FinTech Disruption

Subject: Market Insights

This blog is based on an interview conducted by Bill Hortz, Founder of the Institute for Innovation Development with Steven Lewis, SVP at MarketBridge. In any important endeavor, the proverbial rubber hits the road in its attempted execution. While “execution” per the dictionary has a primary …

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Levers for Disruption: How Incumbents Can Compete Against Fintech

Subject: Customer Experience

The history of fintech (financial technologies) may be rightfully traced to 1915 with the advent of wire funds transfer via telegraph and Morse code. The ensuing confluence of technology, digitization, and globalization throughout the twentieth century revolutionized all aspects of global financial systems…

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Partners in Peril: 5 Strategies for Channel Adaptation

Subject: Channel Partner Enablement

In 2019, Forrester stated that the indirect channel was transformed more in the previous 18 months than the almost 40 years preceding – combined.  And according to a recent Accenture survey of channel professionals, 76% think the channel will be unrecognizable in the next 5 …

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