Brice Chaney

Chief Revenue Officer

As Chief Revenue Officer, Brice works with client leads to deliver creative and effective go-to-market solutions and programs. Brice has spent the last 12+ years broadly in the commercial strategy and insights space. Within this space, Brice has a diverse background spanning analytics, consumer insights/research, commercial strategy and sales and marketing operations, and has worked across multiple B2B and B2C industries including software/technology, insurance, financial services, CPG, and Media.

Most recently, Brice was a client engagement lead at Alexander Group, a revenue growth management consulting firm, where he led commercial strategy development and project delivery as well as managing key account relationships. Prior to Alexander Group Brice founded and exited a software company, FocalOps, that was focused on bridging the growing gap between finance/management and software development teams.

Before founding FocalOps, Brice held multiple leadership positions at Collage Group, a marketing strategy and services firm, including overseeing the research and consulting practices as well as the syndicated product. Brice helped Collage group grow 8x over a 7 year period while at the firm. Brice started his career in the Analytics practice at MarketBridge.

Brice has a BA from Colgate University, and an MA in Economics from NYU.

Brice’s Posts

Surviving in a Commoditized Tech Market

Subject: Customer Experience, Go-to-Market Strategy

Characterized by stagnant growth and decreasing corporate profit margins, commoditized markets frequently result in reduced long-term growth investment and a prevailing ‘play it safe’ mentality. We cover 4 strategies for consistent growth in consumer tech companies.

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B2B Revenue Leaders: Are You Making This Costly Mistake During an Economic Downturn?

Subject: Digital Sales, Growth Pathways, Lead Generation and Nurturing

While it may be tempting to cut B2B marketing efforts during a recessionary period, doing so can hinder an organization’s long-term growth and success. We cover three reasons why B2B revenue leaders shouldn’t cut marketing spend and three tactical go-forward steps to increase efficiency.

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3 Ways to Approach the XaaS Boom

Subject: Account-Based Marketing, Channel Partner Enablement, Customer Experience

In an article for Spiceworks, our Chief Revenue Officer Brice Chaney shares his expertise on how B2B technology marketers can find success in the XaaS economy.

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The #1 Go-to-Market Imperative for Each Revenue Leader

Subject: Customer Experience, Go-to-Market Strategy, Marketing Analytics, Sales Coverage

We combine the number one go-to-market strategy in 2022 for each revenue leader (CMO, CRO, CXO) with tactical ‘go-do’s’ to get rolling.

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Optimizing Marketing Mix in the Subscription Economy

Subject: Marketing Analytics, Marketing ROI, Multichannel Marketing

The subscription economy has impacted all industries and is driving massive changes in business processes and operating models. The dramatic change in customer preferences away from ownership and towards outcomes and increased flexibility has changed the game…

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Six Go-to-Market Themes for 2021 Success

Subject: Account-Based Marketing, Buyer Journeys, Customer Experience, Go-to-Market Strategy, Marketing Analytics

With 2021 underway, and the world appearing to be transitioning from the pandemic, we took a look at how certain market trends are crystallizing going forward. We identified 6 key market trends and themes for revenue leaders to understand and react to…

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Two Core Go-to-Market Principles to Future Proof Growth Post-Disruption

Subject: Other

The most pronounced issue this pandemic has brought front and center for revenue leaders is the imperative to operate in ever smaller ‘windows of certainty’. While this is undoubtedly true in the midst of disruption, it will also be true post-disruption. In fact, it is …

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Executing Customer Retention in Times of Disruption

Subject: Customer Experience, Customer Retention

We are living through an era of ‘what’s old is new’ as it relates to retention. While executives have always understood the value of keeping loyal customers, massive market transformations have raised the stakes and forced what often was a behind the scenes ‘autopilot’ type …

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Establishing a Customer Success Function Primed for Value Creation: Three Go-dos to Avoid Common Pitfalls in Tech

Subject: Customer Experience

The biggest issue we see technology companies making today is using the investments in the CS role to define their CX strategy as opposed to defining their CX strategy and using the CS role as a critical enabler to that strategy. There are three very …

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3 Strategies to Win with Customer Experience in the Platform-as-a-Channel Ecosystem

Subject: Customer Experience

In a previous article, we discussed the rise of ‘platforms-as-a-channel’ and the implications for companies across all industries. While there is a multitude of factors driving the rise of platform marketplaces, the underlying driver that makes it a sticky trend lies with the customer. Customers are looking …

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