Andy Hasselwander

Chief Analytics Officer

As Chief Analytics Officer, Andy leads the marketing data and analytics functions at MarketBridge, joining the firm (for the second time) in 2018. Andy brings 20+ years of marketing strategy, data science, and software development experience to the firm.

Joining MarketBridge in 1997, Andy progressed from Analyst to Senior Vice President over the course of 12 years, launching the analytics practice area. He pioneered methodologies across attribution, insights, and optimization, and built the firm’s original marketing data warehouse. Andy led over 50 engagements with Fortune 500 clients across technology, financial services, life sciences, and consumer, and recruited, developed, and managed the world-class MarketBridge analytics team.

After leaving MarketBridge in 2009, Andy led the product and consulting teams at Collage Group, a marketing strategy firm focused on the most influential consumers in the U.S. While at Collage, Andy launched and ran the VozLatinum bilingual consumer panel; Insights Designer, a SaaS survey analysis platform; and Custom Market Profiler, a geospatial data analytics platform. In a dual role as leader of the professional services team, Andy also recruited and led the analytics consulting and research teams, which provided insights and strategies to the Fortune 1000.

Upon leaving Collage, Andy joined Employee Navigator, a leading benefits administration and HR SaaS platform. While there, Andy led the product team as well the partner data integration team. Andy also served as the analytics center-of-excellence. Andy has a BA from Colgate University, magna cum laude, and an MBA from NYU-Stern with distinction.

Andy’s Posts

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How Marketers Can Curb Metrics Cravings in the Post-Cookie World

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MarketBridge Recognized as Top 10 Marketing Analytics Solution Provider

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MarketBridge, the leading provider of rapidly scalable, innovative go-to-market solutions, was recognized as one of MarTech Outlook Magazine’s Top 10 Marketing Analytics Solution Providers in 2022.

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The Evolution Of Marketing Measurement

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Our analytics expert shared his expertise with on the evolution of marketing measurement, including what it looks like today.

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5 Strategies to Improve Marketing Effectiveness This Year

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The Problem with Multiple Customer Segmentations

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It can be tempting to create the perfect segmentation; however, multiple customer segmentations are almost always a mistake. Download our checklist “10 Step Checklist for Creating Actionable Segmentations and Personas” for additional insights.

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The Art of Data Science: Understanding Data’s Role in Business

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Andy Hasselwander, Chief Analytics Officer at MarketBridge, joins Accelerating Value to discuss common mistakes companies make with data analytics, the measurement trap (and how to avoid it), and why data specialists need to better understand the businesses and industries they work in.

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Where Subscription Marketers Need to Focus Their Energy

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With limited dollars to place on subscription services, subscription marketers must focus on 4 customer lifecycle stages to engage and delight consumers.

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