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How Marketers Can Curb Metrics Cravings in the Post-Cookie World

[With third-party cookies slowly but surely crumbling, many marketers are searching for ways to replace this critical marketing metric. Our analytics expert, Andy Hasselwander, shared his advice with CommPRO on how marketers can achieve sweet victory with marketing campaigns in the post-cookie world.]

Measurement and optimization remain critical imperatives for marketers. When hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent to acquire customers, CFOs take notice and want to know how various aspects of the marketing mix are working—or not working. The questions of ROI, cost per acquisition, marginal cost per acquisition and overall mix optimization are posed daily to CMOs. Unfortunately, while marketing may be the most scrutinized cost center, it is also one of the messiest when it comes to data.

Even though it has never reached full maturity, multi-touch attribution (MTA) was made possible by digital marketing, specifically cookies. In the early days of the internet, browsing privacy was an afterthought—people were more worried about credit card numbers getting stolen than they were about brands tracking . . .

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