Bill Sheldon

Senior Vice President

Bill Sheldon rejoined MarketBridge as a Senior Vice President to lead our Financial Services Practice. Bill has more than 20 years experience working with clients on data-driven approaches to sales and marketing effectiveness.

Prior to rejoining MarketBridge, Bill was the Chief Solutions Officer at Angoss Software, with overall responsibility for the design, development and deployment of predictive analytic solutions within major financial services accounts, including Great West, MetLife, Oppenheimer, Allianz, and Alliance Bernstein among others.

Prior to Angoss, Bill held the positions of Vice President of Marketing Solutions for Paradyz Analytics, a multi-channel marketing services agency, and Chief Operating Officer for CFM Partners, a leading provider of SaaS of Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions in the financial services industry.

While at MarketBridge previously, Bill led the Technology Sector and the Decision Sciences practices for nearly 15 years as Senior Vice President, working with leading technology clients such as Microsoft and IBM, among others.  Bill began his career at Accenture in the Washington, DC office.

Bill holds a BS from the University of Virginia,  and a Masters of Business Administration from the American University in Washington, DC.

Bill’s Posts

Why FinServ Businesses Need To Rethink Content. Period.

Subject: Content Marketing

As virtually every marketer has heard, producing great content helps drive awareness, builds trust with customers, and improves lead conversion. For FinServ, Content Marketing is critical to building relationships and trust, and helping to educate customers on what are often very complex product offerings. But, …

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Small Business = Big Money

Subject: Other

US-based local businesses comprise the world’s third-largest economy, trailing only the USA overall and China A consensus estimate is that the annual nominal gross domestic output of the United States is just north of $17 trillion (and about the same size as the 28-country European …

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Local Location-Based Commerce is Far, Far Larger than E-commerce

Subject: Other

The modern miracle of e-commerce is entering its third decade. While there is some nitpicking, the consensus reported in the New York Times is that the first purchase on a commercial website was the purchase of a music CD on August 10, 1994. Fast forwarding …

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Software is Eating the World and Financial Services is Next

Subject: Digital Sales

Like many families, my son and I both have accounts that are linked at the same bank, and of course I sometimes transfer money online when his balance gets too low. (To be fair, he works hard to earn his own money, but occasionally still …

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