Why FinServ Businesses Need To Rethink Content. Period.

As virtually every marketer has heard, producing great content helps drive awareness, builds trust with customers, and improves lead conversion. For FinServ, Content Marketing is critical to building relationships and trust, and helping to educate customers on what are often very complex product offerings. But, knowing WHAT to share out of all of the types and topics of content you’ve provided is critical to selling success. There are a few challenges today though:

  • Regulatory environment creates new risks for financial services firms as content marketing gains traction. The multi-million dollar fine for sharing non-approved content is something businesses need to avoid.
  • Too many FinServ firms are leaving content distribution decisions in the hands of their sellers. Yet, the average RM/Wholesaler finds it extremely difficult to know what to share. The best businesses are making much more prescriptive content recommendations.
  • Because FinServ firms have jumped into content marketing, they are investing millions of dollars on content creation WITHOUT clarity on what works, where they get ROI, and what to stop producing. Measuring content impact is challenging. As a result, this costs FS firms millions of dollars in waste per year.

Financial services firms need these three things when it comes to content:

  1. Ability to make better investments in content given the large amount of resource and regulatory constrictions concerned with building content in these environments.
  2. Ability to use content to enable the RM/Wholesaler to build trust with the end customer. This means investing in platforms and intelligence that allow for RM/Wholesaler easy access, AND giving prescriptive direction on which content is best for what use.
  3. Ability to understand what content works, what is converting, what people are using, ROI, etc. through to the sales transaction

How do you get content to your sellers/agents/wholesalers? Do they use the content you provide them? Would love to hear your thoughts.