What Sales Needs to Pitch Your New 2017 Products

For most companies, go-to-market plans and quotas for new 2017 products are just being finalized. The question now becomes “how can you make sure these products are successfully pushed by your sales channels?”

Sales reps – whether they are in inside sales, field sales, or channel partners – need to answer two key questions to make sure new products achieve their revenue targets:

  • Who among my customers are most likely to purchase each product?
  • What is the best content and offer to get deals closed?

Answering these two questions can’t be just an academic exercise. Rather, your sales reps and channel partners need four items delivered on their desktop to succeed:

  1. Prioritized Accounts (based on some segmentation)
  2. Target Buyer Profiles
  3. Lead Scoring
  4. Messaging Content Recommendation (unique to each buyer segment)

In most cases, these four items can be delivered directly to reps through their CRM system – and management can track new product pursuit activity. But too often product marketers and sales managers just assume smart reps will know who to target with what message.

Ask yourself a question: If a rep has 400 buyers in his or her territory, how much time does he or she have to determine which of these 400 prospects get which message and offer?

Answer: No time for immense prospecting research like this.

You need to enable reps to target the right customers with right message quickly, across their territory in 2017. Think beyond more than just helping your reps go after the top 10% of their accounts, instead, provide a solution that automates the right message and content across all of their accounts, allowing reps to more efficiently expand coverage to more buyers in their territories.

Here’s a secret: We are excited to share more about a new solution that will enable this to happen and we can get your team up and running in just 10 days. Keep on the lookout for more to come.