AI Will Eat Millions of B2B Sales & Marketing Spend

Get ready for the disruptive change coming to Sales & Marketing budgets…

Most B2B revenue funnels are built under the assumption that 99% of sales and marketing efforts are wasted on leads that never close (Forrester). Many companies have built expensive “demand waterfall” management software systems, processes, and large staffs, that cycle through 199 dead-end opportunities to find one single deal.

It’s the old needle-in-a-haystack model.

But what if you had a metal detector to tell you within +/- 10 inches where the “needle” is?

Artificial intelligence (AI) might as well be the metal detector that renders millions of investment dollars in demand waterfall infrastructure as obsolete. Think of it this way – if a company can use AI to identify the “most likely 5 buyers” from among every 200 prospects, that entire demand creation and lead management waterfall infrastructure can be downsized – big time! List purchasing, marketing automation, content creation, telemarketing staff, etc. – boom, all reduced significantly. And it’s already starting – our clients are seeing declining ROI on email marketing, outbound calling, and endless content creation. Why? Because it’s incredibly inefficient!

I will write more in future posts, but simply stated, AI can deliver the right buyers for each opportunity leading to shortened sales cycles and increased conversion rates without all the noise of “tire kickers.” This revenue and cost impact is huge.