FinServ: A Look Back at the Top 5 of 2018

Looking back at the top 5 blogs of 2018 validates our observation that there is still a significant amount of friction in the Go-to-Market models in the Financial Services industry today.  Incumbent FI’s must become much more agile at identifying those friction points, and leveraging a combination of data and insight, analytics, content and technology to help eradicate that friction as new entrants look to gain footholds in the market.   Here’s our take:

  1. Six Early Go-to-Market Trends and Tips for 2019

    The top trends that came up again and again in conversations with Chief Revenue Officers and Chief Marketing Officers on how to outperform the competition in 2019. They’re still valid – and all about reducing friction in your 2019 Go-to-Market!

  2. How to Cross-Sell at Scale – Part 1

    Achieving greater scale in your Cross-Sell execution is one sure way to help reduce Go-to-Market friction.  Marketers need to focus on enabling their sales channels – inside, agents and brokers, direct – to be more effective cross-sellers by providing the prescriptive targeting, content and messaging they need to be successful.  This “last mile” of the buyer’s journey is where much of the GTM friction is still concentrated in the customer experience.

  3. It’s Time to Redefine Go-to-Market Strategy

    In today’s digital world, traditional push marketing and sales activities are no longer effective.  Prospects and customers are self-educating and down-selecting potential  vendors online. If you can’t differentiate and solve their needs through compelling “digital channels”, you have very little chance of being in the consideration set, let alone winning a deal.  Again, it’s all about reducing friction across the customer experience.

  4. 10 Step Checklist for Creating Actionable Segmentations and Personas

    So, what does a successful, actionable segmentation look like? One that is adopted – thereby helping to reduce friction in your marketing efforts by accurately anticipating customer needs and wants. Fortunately, there is a checklist that marketers and market researchers can follow to protect against the risk of a six-month segmentation effort ending with a thud (literally, the 100-page PowerPoint hitting the bottom of the shredder bin).

  5. What About Small Data? Part 1

    Big data remains all the rage – and a source of considerable GTM friction within many organizations still struggling to build their capabilities! Learn how small data can help improve speed to market and short-term results! Many of the best problems out there today—the ones that will yield the most incremental fruit, in terms of leads, opportunities, loyal customers, dollars, etc.—have to deal with small data.

We’re excited about 2019 as a year of implementing innovative ways to activate new go-to-market programs at the ground level with our FinServ clients.  Where are your GTM friction points as you head into 2019?