Tech: A Look Back at the Top 5 of 2018

Change seems to be afoot for 2019 already!  Whether it’s the start of a new fiscal or just the time of year that prompts creative, out-of-the-box thinking on meeting strategic objectives, most of our Tech clients are showing a strong appetite to do something different to meet this year’s performance objectives.

Sales and marketing decision makers are talking to us more and more about ground-level tactics and options to optimize their go-to-market performance.  For our Tech clients, that includes marketing and sales programs to accelerate customer migration to their Cloud solutions, drive adoption of Big Data and AI solutions, and outmaneuver the growing competition in IoT.

And that’s doesn’t seem to just be a January phenomenon, our data suggest a growing pattern over the past year.  One way we validate this interest, in addition to the daily conversations we have with our valued customers and other Tech leaders, is to look back on what 2018 blog posts drove the greatest level of engagement.

We were able to see one common theme across our Top 5 posts:

A passion from our audience to find innovative ways to activate new go-to-market programs at the ground level…something we call “the last mile.”


Below are the Top 5 MarketBridge blogs from the past year and how each relates to getting the best incremental revenue performance from sales and marketing “last mile” programs:

  1. Six Early Go-to-Market Trends and Tips for 2019

    The top trends that came up again and again in conversations with Chief Revenue Officers and Chief Marketing Officers on how to outperform the competition in 2019. All are critical for Tech leaders, but #6 may be most critical.

  1. How to Cross-Sell at Scale (Parts 1 & 2)

    As also outlined in our Tech CMO survey finding blog, cross-sell is king! But it’s hard…we offer Part 1 and Part 2 of cross-sell how-to’s to enable share-of-wallet expansion that can benefit SaaS, hardware, and services P&L owners.

  1. It’s Time to Redefine Go-to-Market Strategy

    “Strategy” is now incomplete without the tactics to affect front-line change (think marketers and sellers) and at the customer engagement moment of truth. The new GTM strategy for tech leaders must focus on creating a systematic engine for bringing data and content together to reach, engage, convert, and expand new customers.

  1. 10 Step Checklist for Creating Actionable Segmentations and Personas

    Too many customer segmentation efforts still fail way too often because they’re not actionable. This detailed how-to blog is a solid primer on making Enterprise, Mid-Market, and SMB buyer targeting actionable for solution and product marketers, channel partners, and direct sales teams.

  1. What About Small Data?

    Sure Big Data is all the rage, but many opportunities that can yield the most incremental leads, opportunities, and dollars have to deal with Small Data. Understand best practices to prioritize channel and direct sales’ activities, and how to execute small-cell, “artisanal” insights-driven analytical marketing.

We’re excited about 2019 as a year of implementing innovative ways to activate new go-to-market programs at the ground level with our clients.  Are your “last mile” go-to-market programs where you need them to be to make the most of the new year?