MarketBridge Insider #7

In 2019, Go the Last Mile

Issue #7, December 10th, 2018


Entering 2019, the rules of growth are changing…

We increasingly see both enterprises and emerging growth companies “rebalancing their sources of growth.” The heavy investments in new customer acquisition (expensive and time-consuming) are being steadily shifted toward retaining, up-selling, and cross-selling within the installed customer base. It makes sense; it’s a lot faster and cheaper to expand share-of-wallet within known buyers.

This is why “The Last Mile” of the customer purchase process is receiving intense inspection and investment. This week’s MarketBridge Insider begins what will be a year-long effort by MarketBridge to increase focus, investment, and performance improvement on monetizing the known buyer base.

  1. First, PE firms continue to fund both disruptive start-ups emerging as well as “take private” public company buyouts. In “Why (and How) PE Firms Focus on the ‘Last Mile’ of Sales & Marketing,” we discuss how PE firms generate cash and grow quickly by attacking the low-hanging-fruit in the last mile of the customer buying process and building cross-functional “Revenue SWAT” teams.
  2. In “Growth Planning: A Three Part Model for 2019 and Beyond” we cover the three revenue streams it takes to grow a business—acquisition, cross-sell/upsell, and retention—while balancing conversion rates and costs to sell. It’s shocking to see how much CAC/ARR rises as more funds are thrown at new customer acquisition. At the risk of sharing something really cool that’s not quite ready for prime-time, check the beta version of our simple Revenue Growth Calculator.
  3. Third, we continue our conversation on sourcing social insights for optimized campaign and content efforts. In “Using Digital ‘Intelligence’ To Source Vertical Opportunities” we discuss how building vertical queries can help you more strategically target specific buyer roles and job titles in any industry.

Last but not least, we’d love your input on our latest survey, “2019 Sales Enablement Trends, Challenges and Opportunities.” From measurement to management to collaboration, how are you enabling frontline sales players in the Last Mile?


Tim Furey,
MarketBridge CEO