MarketBridge Insider #2

Think About Go-To-Market on Your Next Ride

Issue #2, August 20th, 2018

Would you pay >$1 million just for the “right to compete” in each sales territory?

Probably not, but until a few years ago, this is what NYC taxi drivers had to do under their old go-to-market model. Drivers bought multi-million dollar medallions just for the ability to circle the streets of Manhattan looking for customers.

Then Uber happened and created a totally new go-to-market model. Uber drivers pay nothing upfront and customers come to them via the Uber app. Legacy taxi drivers are crying foul, but customers have greater choice, lower prices, and increasingly cool content to track their trip on their mobile devices. Is it possible to bring this model into your business?

In this week’s MarketBridge Insider edition, we cover four blogs that touch on the B2B equivalents of Uber’s go-to-market strategy which is rooted in customer data and personalized content. Cool mobile apps are great, but what makes these new GTM strategies scalable is a combination of data and content, “The new fuel for GTM success.”


Tim Furey,
MarketBridge CEO

It’s Time to Redefine Go-to-Market Strategy

In our 1999 book The Channel Advantage, we showed that choosing the right channel mix for each customer-product intersection was the key to profitable revenue growth. But in 2018, a maxim we coined 20 years ago—channels don’t choose customers, customers choose channels—is more true than ever. Learn the key tenets of customer-centric go-to-market strategy.

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Three Core Components of Successful Content Personalization

Most marketers know that content personalization is tablestakes in 2018 if you want to break through the clutter and create meaningful audience engagement, and it doesn’t have to be a complicated exercise. We outline the three key steps of content personalization to get you started on the journey to better marketing and sales performance.

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Debunking Three Myths About Sourcing Market Intelligence From Social or Public Data

When we discuss market intelligence with a prospect the question usually gets asked, “So where do you source your data from?” We cringe when that topic is broached, not because we have any reservations about the strength of using social monitoring, but because of the stigma that has often been unfairly attached to signal derived from digital listening. In fact, digital listening is an extremely powerful insights tool when used properly—and when human intelligence and expertise is applied to the data stream.

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How to Cross-Sell at Scale: Part Two

By now, everyone knows that cross-selling (including upselling/cross-selling a new product) is an unbelievable source of profitable revenue growth. But, for cross-selling to be successful, sales plays must be developed that combine data, insights, and tactics—all in a way that can be actioned by multiple channels. In this two-part series, we dive deep into the “how to” of a successful cross-sell factory.

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