Episode 6: Building a Scalable Cross-sell Intelligence Platform

The Killer Slide Series on Data-Driven Revenue Growth

In Episode 6, MarketBridge’s CEO discusses how to build a scalable cross-selling engine by applying machine learning and analytics in making sales and marketing decisions. Businesses’ existing customers expect sales reps and marketers to deliver more personalized outreach than ever before. With the hundreds of data points available across systems and technologies, “getting to know” each cross-sell prospect requires tons of preparation before a single outreach can be made. Watch this video to learn how we built a platform that streamlines intel aggregation and executes on normally “human-only” powered decisions.

First, we walk through the four “decision steps” a sales rep or marketer must make to know who to target, what offer to provide, how to reach each target and how to report on results. By gathering signals through a customer cloud and driving that intel through existing sales and marketing platforms, businesses can efficiently and effectively double conversion rates.

We’re here to help! Chat with us on how we combine our human expertise with machine learning to streamline cross-selling:
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