MarketBridge Insider #1

Best Practices for Sustainable Growth

Issue #1, August 7th, 2018

GDP growth of 4% may sound great, but if you or your competitors are targeting 10% growth or more, then someone must be gaining market share while another is losing.

Every market has its own dynamics, but aggressive (and realistic) executives we work with understand sustainable growth requires acquisition + retention + cross-sell. As customers accelerate moving their buyer process to more digital channels, go-to-market strategies must combine “digital + human” engagement across the entire customer lifecycle. To power that engagement, companies must combine “AI + HI” – artificial intelligence with human intelligence.

In this week’s MarketBridge Insider, we cover four approaches to maintaining and increasing growth. First, we discuss the importance of cross-sell, and best practices to optimize your cross-sell strategy. Then, our Chief Analytics Officer provides a checklist for actionable segmentation—the kind that allows the best content and positioning to actually reach buyers. Finally, we discuss the importance of “small data” in breaking through the clutter with buyers in two articles. Large companies acquire smaller competitors because they are growing in scrappy, innovative ways, finding the cracks that large enterprises miss, and exploiting them. However, it’s possible for mid- and large-sized enterprises to emulate these “artisanal analytical practices,” and find some of that small-company growth magic. We present two concrete “small data” approaches for big companies to pilot.

I hope you and your team find a few key takeaways in these four thought pieces. Enjoy!

Tim Furey,
MarketBridge CEO

How to Cross-Sell at Scale

Cross-selling is the fastest, most profitable path to incremental revenue growth. Given the ROI, why is it hard to execute and scale cross-sell initiatives? Sales leaders underestimate the upfront time and effort it will take to plan out each cross-sell play.

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10 Step Checklist for Creating Actionable Segmentations and Personas

Segmentations are a critical shorthand for understanding the most important differences between customers when it comes to your business. However, segmentation efforts still fail too often because they are not actionable—in other words, they can’t be applied to real people and companies.

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What About Small Data?

Big data is all the rage. Many of the best problems out there today—the ones that will yield the most incremental leads, opportunities, and dollars— have to deal with small data. Understand best practices to prioritize sales rep’s activities, and how to execute small-cell, “artisanal” insights-driven analytical marketing.

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