A new year is off to the races for Sales and Marketing executives at High Tech companies, all of whom are pushing the limits to lead the pack in gaining share in Cloud, Big Data, IoT and other exploding spending areas.  And we’re here to help with insights and ideas to empower you to do just that:

Up first, how Amazon Web Services plans to be a bull in a china shop for on premises data center providers, and what top vendors need to do to keep AWS Outposts from taking billions more.

Next, how sales content and sales enablement best practice playbooks can be the key to delivering a consistent customer experience across the increasingly complex buying journey.

Lastly, we found a single common theme across our most popular blogs from 2018…and it’s all about overcoming obstacles and succeeding in “the last mile” of your go-to-market programs.


Mike Kelleher
SVP & Technology Vertical Lead

AWS Goes After Data Center Providers. How to Fight Back.

AWS just made the boldest move yet to challenge legacy data center vendors like Cisco, Dell EMC, HPE, and Microsoft.  What now for these top competitors?

Read our 3-part recipe for success.

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How Sales Content Can Create a Consistent Experience for Tech Buyers

A consistent customer experience across the entire customer journey improves customer acquisition and strengthened retentions.  Here’s how sales content   best practices playbook gets the job done.

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Top 5 Blogs and the 1 Thing That Interests Tech Leaders the Most

Our most popular blogs from 2018 all have one thing in common:  finding innovative ways to activate new go-to-market programs at the ground level… something we call “the last mile”.

Read what our Tech clients read the most and why.

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