Essential guide to predictive lead scoring

B2B marketers focus heavily on lead generation leaving their sales teams drowning in a sea of unqualified leads. As a result, the ability to prioritize leads and prospects has become more critical due to the attention and spend required to convert these leads into closed business. Sales and marketing professionals are drawing on lead scoring and the corresponding software solutions to facilitate better decisioning.

Is everybody doing lead scoring? In some way, yes. Some are using predictive analytics. Others are using a business rule- or points-based approach, often leveraging the built-in functionality in their marketing automation tool. Others still are simply drawing on intuition and experience to score and prioritize who they call on or slot into the next outbound campaign.

Regardless of your method we believe that there is a progressive approach to maximizing how that prioritization happens and leads are scored. Read our white paper to learn the steps you can take to deploy predictive lead scoring.