How to Leverage Content Marketing to Skyrocket Sales

You know what they say…content is king. Yet, we often hear a recurring question: “Can content marketing increase sales?” Luckily, the general answer is “yes!”

Content marketing and sales go hand-in-hand because content can drive interested visitors to your site. The click-through rates show that many customers are interested in more than just the advice you offer — they want to build a relationship with you.

To build these successful relationships, it’s important to narrow your focus to what customers are asking for. Knowing what your customers need is one of the best content marketing tips for higher sales, because it builds credibility and maximizes click-through potential.

Can Content Marketing Increase Sales?

Your buyers will go through roughly 60% of their buyer’s journey before they talk to your sales team. That means your content is pulling more than half of the work your company does when it comes to a sale. Content that’s properly branded and answers specific questions is developed to establish your business as a thought leader. When you show expertise in your network, you give subconscious clues to the reader that your product (or approach) is better.

If you can get rid of a user’s problem, you’re taking the first step to gaining a new customer. Content marketing automates this by allowing you to publish one piece that solves multiple problems — and offers a variety of solutions. In particular, content marketing ROI not only increases 3 times more leads than other efforts, but companies find a roughly six-fold increase in revenue from marketing when they include content marketing in their budget.

Don’t Stop At Increasing Leads

Content marketing has the potential to increase lead volume, but you can also use content to improve those leads. Improving lead quality is a key metric that B2B marketers use to judge the success of their content marketing strategies, and it is one of the areas MarketBridge focuses on when helping our customers improve ROI. This is second only to increasing Web traffic, which can provide a boost to your overall leads.

That means today’s top B2B marketers already look to content marketing to increase overall leads and increase the quality of the leads they see. You can do this and save time by having a strategy that leverages both content curation and content development. It’s all about developing a targeted strategy that relies on multiple sources, but positions you and your brand as the go-to expert for your customer’s needs. Knowing your customer is the last piece of the content puzzle.

Content Marketing and Sales Takeaways

Knowing your audience will help you make a case for your product. Providing deeper information that speaks to your customers’ goals is one of the easiest ways that content marketing can increase sales and improve overall performance. Learn about your customers by building specific calls-to-action in each piece of content. Make them relevant to various aspects of your business and tie these categories to a content-specific landing page. If you sell software, try making CTAs with category landing pages around cloud reliability, uptime and convenience.

When your leads click-through and view your goal-specific landing pages, you can figure out what they want from your software through the information they fill out on your page form. Building this type of targeted page and weaving it into your strategy is a great way to improve and increase leads with content marketing.